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Eunkwang loves attention. He tends to overdo things and it just flows as a natural character out of him. Maybe he needed to tone it down but for now it’s a part of his charms. And when fans want a piece of them, he didn’t need to do what was expected ~ his smile, waves, and all other forms of skinship were given generously. Well, ofcourse with their managers’ consent and limitation, but when he gets to be alone he’d give what he has to offer. Fans, they are an important part of the path he chose.

And there are just two kinds of fan, basing it on his own experience. First, the shy-type who’d forever regret things they didn’t do to get close and second, the hype-type who gets to be scary most times. So, he kind of not expected to actually meet a “calm” fan. He can’t label her as shy nor hype – she’s good in between. She calmly asking for directions and taking a picture of him from a good distance was nice. He can’t quite think of a good word to fit it but NICE is…nice.

He did his routine when they went up on stage to perform: checked if everyone’s in place and ready, gave a knowing look to their manager, and did his stance. But his eyes were roaming, knowing that the anonymous fan girl was somewhere in the crowd, watching. Anonymous- for he forgot to check out her twitter name when she posted his picture. Just maybe, he’s still concerned if she was able to find her way- it’s a foreign country and~~~ he almost missed the cue beat.

He didn’t feel any nervousness, he was just unexplainably excited.


Disappointed.  Not because of their performance, they always do great, but he wasn’t able to see her. There were hundreds of people and she wasn’t the hype-type. Was it her smile? Confidence travelling alone? It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal but he finds her interesting.

And having the rest of the day free, he dragged one of his members to accompany him. They’re not that tired to take the train back home.


Dragging Peniel was the right choice. Eunkwang can easily pacify the kid with bribes of snacks and home cooked American food. Peniel’s comfortable with skinship, less scared of fans, and he honestly needs his English skills. It’s not like he’s going to talk with her, it’s just “just in case” he needs to. And he doesn’t really know why he’s doing this. Good thing, Peniel didn’t ask more as he enjoys the chocolate bars that Eunkwang gave him which were technically from their fans. Eunkang can apologize about it later.

Trolling her twitter account made it easier to know where she was, though she’s not exactly saying where but her posted pictures did. And she was really at their performance earlier; he saw a picture of him doing the new jack swing. He let out a quiet laugh.

Curiosity got him here…and he’s not scared, he’s a duck anyway. Or a monkey. While Peniel’s a dog.


Finally, Eunkwang saw her, surrounded with a couple of friends laughing at whatever was on her camera. Maybe a video of him. He pulled Peniel just in time before the train doors closed and they did pretty well hiding their identities again.

The train was a bit crowded and Eunkwang was able to worm his way closer to them, spying on what they were watching. It was a blurry shot but he recognized the “Wow” dance steps and it was focused on him. Peniel’s no use really since she was talking in a different language with her friends. Eunkwang can catch a few English words, but still doesn’t make sense. But he smiles when he hears his or BToB names plus a giddy action from them.

Should he approach them? Maybe if she was alone, he will. He feels like he was back in highschool trying to get to know a crush.

It wasn’t a long train ride but they already missed their stop and he just gave Peniel an eye-signal “just shut up and I’ll explain later”. Peniel gave him a knowing smile, grinning wild, a tease coming. Eunkwang would take it all later. But for now, they followed them out the train and out the cold Seoul night. Eunkwang and Peniel followed them till the stoplight. Lips curving slightly, laughing at himself and whatever he’s doing. The red light came on and Eunkwang raised his phone for a quick shot.

He knew its better not to approach them. For now. Maybe in the future, a near future he’d get to meet her on a different situation. A better one and not like some creep stalker. He followed them with his eyes until they turned a corner and disappeared. He hailed for a cab and tackled Peniel for his phone for he was already telling the boys about his lil’ adventure.


It was his turn to use their twitter account, though they don’t really have a schedule on it, he hasn’t uploaded anything for a while. Eunkwang chose to upload the picture he took across a street, where their billboard was displayed. He loved the play of the city lights on it and the busy people crossing the streets added flavor.

And as much as fan trolls, fan stalks, fan ninjas (sometimes), Eunkwang, an idol, does that too.

So, knowing she was online was the perfect time to say “Hello” by adding a tweet on the pic: If you’re lost, look for me.”


It wasn’t hard to miss her reply: “LOL. nyeta ako yan eh!”

“AISH!” Eunkwang cursed, hating every translation site being so unhelpful.


(For Des, just had a moment of vice versa thought of your subway experience)

Eunkwang needed to hurry. He’s gone home to visit his parents and now he’s running late for an interview – what’s a group without the leader? Not that he’s full of himself but he needed to control his members, like the 3 maknaes who would be pretty hype and Minhyuk who’d also be too strict, and he’d definitely get a kick if he’s not there.

“Aish.” He sighed.

He took the subway train. It’s not the busy buzz anyway, and most times he’s still unrecognizable without his makeup. A cap and casual clothing will do for a not-so-obvious disguise.

He got in the train, the seats were all taken and a few were standing. He lowered his cap and checked on his mobile phone that had gone off too many times.

He didn’t pay much attention to anyone but a girl that kept on sighing bothered him. He looked up a bit, still trying to conceal his face and observed her.

A foreigner, definitely asian by her features. She was looking on a map and on the train signs, comparing it probably? She was chewing on her lower lip and kept on brushing her hair with her fingers. She then stepped forward towards an old smiling lady and asked about directions. Well, she was asking in English, so she was lightly ignored.

She sighed again and stepped back on the railing she was holding onto. Her facial expressions were now changing from concern, to frustration, to a hint of fear. It was definitely fear when the train stopped on a station. She didn’t step down but clutched the map more tightly.

A good thing he can understand English and can converse passably. It won’t hurt to help and if ever they can’t understand each other, he can ask someone who can speak English fluently then.

He cleared his throat, “Do you need help?”

Of course her initial reaction was to jump back, grip her bag, and be apprehensive. As for his initial response: offended, but it was all clearly natural. He tried to show a lip smile, still covering his eyes.

“Y-yeah.” She replied, maybe hearing a familiar language made her at ease. “I just need to know if I’m still on the right track to get off this train station and get to this location?” She showed the crumpled map and pointed on her destination. It was just around the Music Bank location so he was familiar with it.

“Ah yeah~” Eunkwang nodded, “Yes, this is the right train. I’m getting off on that station too.” And he pointed which streets to take to get to her end.

“Oh, wow.” She let out a relieved sigh and smiled. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” He also smiled, “The next stop is ours.” She nodded.

He felt good with that simplest act of kindness and extended it by leading her to the train map and showed her some easy exits and routes.

“Thank you. Kamsahamnida.” She bowed awkwardly but cutely.

He laughed a little and took a step back, waving once and turned to run up the exit stairs. He looked back when he got on top of the stairs and she was still there, smiling and checking on her phone. Eunkwang shrugged and hailed for a cab.


“Hyung!” Peniel called Eunkwang urgently. “Hyung, look!” Peniel was raising Ilhoon’s iPad and he can see a twitter page on it.

“Yeah?” Eunkwang was trying to figure how to get his bowtie in place. He’s in a mess trying to dress up quickly.

“Did you just take the train?” Peniel raised the iPad to his eye level. “Our account was mentioned and I luckily got to see this picture amidst the crazy tweets.”

Eunkwang was surprised to see his self on the picture, it was on the top of the stairs and he was looking down, almost directly to the one who took the picture. And the twitter pic also had a message: “Thank you for helping me out! Imma cheer on you later on your performance!”

Eunkwang gave a hearty laughed, leaving Peneil confused, but was damn blasted again because of his bowtie.

Part 1

(Use your imagination please~5 year old Henry and Ilhoon here)/ (For my aegi friend Kat) 

It was nap time…but little Kat and Henry were giggling in their separate sleeping bags and their teacher needed to shush them for the nth time. If only Henry would stop doing the bloated-fish-expression, Kat would definitely hush down.

She’d been crying the whole time of their recess when the new kid consistently poked her. The transferee, whose family moved in from another city, chose to always bother Kat. But she was nice enough to be patient and asked Henry to be friendly as well; they just drew the new kid’s face as a monstrous walrus with colorful whiskers.


It was after a week when they told their teacher about Ilhoon’s behavior, he kept teasing Kat about her cheeks and kept on poking it.

“Ilhoonie, what do you think Kat feels when you poke her face?” Their teacher asked him, while Henry was consoling Kat. The three kids standing in front of their teacher’s desk. “See her face? It’s red already.”

“H-he also pinched me!” Kat blurted in between her sobs and her bestfriend puffing his cheeks, eyes staring holes at Ilhoon.

“Ilhoon?” The teacher called for the boy’s attention who was just staring at the ground, shifting weight on his feet. He slowly looked up blinking his eyes and chewing on his lower lip. “Can I ask why did you do that?”

“Uhm,” Ilhoon stalled, “She’s…her cheeks are so FLUFFY!”

Kat automatically covered her cheeks with her palms, now also digging holes on Ilhoon’s face.

The teacher tried not to laugh so hard. “Still, that is no reason to do that. Boys should respect girls. Would you like someone to do that to you too?”

Ilhoon shook his head.

“What will you say to Kat?”

“I’m sorry?” Ilhoon said looking on the board behind their teacher.

“Please tell that to Kat.” Their teacher smiled, blocking his view and gesturing her hand to face the little girl.

Ilhoon sighed and stopped moving, he looked at Kat, then Henry who was still digging holes with his chinky eyes, then back to Kat again, “I’m sorry.”

“And?” Their teacher encouraged him to say more.

“And~,” Ilhoon gave a few seconds of thinking, “I hope we can be friends.”

Kat and Henry looked at each other, an addition to their group? Henry just shrugged, letting her decide.

“O-okay.” Kat sobbed but smiled at the same time. And for being good kids and friends, their teacher gave them candies to share and asked them to play in the playground.

But not without Ilhoon poking Kat’s cheek again and doing the same thing to Henry, out of the teacher’s sight, of course.

“Yah!” They both yelled at the laughing Hyena Ilhoon. “What’s that for?!”

“What? Can’t friends do that?” Ilhoon continued laughing, and the other two joined in.

“Of course they can!” Kat exclaimed, a week of being poked at forgotten as the light bulb of playful idea pinged. “Right, Henry?”

It didn’t take Henry a blink to get what she meant, so as for Ilhoon who started backing away from them.


The nap time that afternoon was then filled with snoring three little kids, who were smiling in their dreams.

<Just fluffiness~J)

I’m missing the simple life.


Part 2

(Use your imagination please~5 year old Henry and Ilhoon here)/ (For my aegi friend Kat)

When Little Kat was attacked by the bug as big as her favorite jumbo eraser, she ran around their classroom trying to shake it off from her hair. But the most menacing insect she ever encountered in her life was just as hard headed as her, it won’t budge.

“Bug! Bug! Bug!” She cried, almost in the verge of tears.

Most of her classmates in the small kindergarten room ran away from her and only one had the courage to help her.

“Stop Moving!” A boy commanded and she immediately listened.

Kat covered her face with her hands as she sobbed; feeling the creepy insect digging its way to her scalp, but it was soon gone. Somebody then shook her lightly and she carefully peeked between her fingers.

Henry, the quiet one, was her savior. And he was holding the bug too close to her face.

“AHHH!” She screamed and took a step back picking up a random book, raising it up her head, ready to strike.

Henry then protected the bug between his hands, “It doesn’t bite.” He pouted, staring at her strangely.

“B-but…it’s SCARY!” She exclaimed, looking only at his close hands.

He let out a sigh, “Follow me.” Kat didn’t move. “I won’t let it go, I promise.” He smiled a little.

She nodded and gently dropped the book before following him out their classroom. The other kids were playing catch and they dodge their way to the mini-garden.

 Henry crouched down in front of a big-leafy plant and placed the bug on top of it. Kat kept her distance but slowly took steps forward and also crouched down when he gave him an assuring smile.

“We are bigger than the bug.” Henry shook the leaf a bit and the bug slid down, “See? Nothing to be scared of…”

Kat nodded and smile. They watched as the bug crawled aimlessly and disappeared before standing up, brushing the dirt from their clothes. She felt something in one of her pockets and pulled out a lollipop which she offered to Henry.

Henry took it and happily peeled the cover and ate it, smiling – losing his eyes behind his puffy cheeks. Now, there’s no more a quiet boy in their classroom and a cute friendship started…



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