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It was big and scary ~ it’s that green monster again…

 Ilhoon woke up panting. It almost got him in his dreams, its wide finger-less hands about to grasp the whole of him and he was running endlessly for dear life.

He was just glad to wake up but scared to close his eyes again. He pulled the covers up to his chest quietly, curling his body on his bed and hugged his iPad. The light snores of his groupmates made him feel safe.


“Still sleepy, Ilhoonie?” Eunkwang sat beside him on the floor. They haven’t started practice yet but he had been yawning non stop.

“Nightmares again, hyung.” A yawn escaped and he leaned back on the mirrored wall, pulling his knees up to his chin to rest on it.

The leader then placed a hand on the top of his head and massaged it lightly, concern all over his face. “Maybe I should tell this to manager-hyung, no?”

Ilhoon shook his head and managed a tired smile. “I’ll be fine.”

Eunkwang was apprehensive but gave in after seeing an effort for an eye smile from him, “Okay. But I’ll be watching you.”

Ilhoon nodded and dozed off.


It got him this time, a hand and a leg wrapped up in a gooey-sticky mess. He was screaming for help but to no avail. He cried, kicked, tried to pull himself~ and the green monster was nearer…step by step…

He screamed out loud, waking the other members. Eunkwang helping him to get down from his bunk to his own bed.


The next night, Eunkwang gave him some hot milk to help him sleep. He let him stay on his bed again and the others were inviting him too.

“Ilhoonie, you can watch with us up here on my bed.” Peniel invited him while Sungjae was trying to figure out where to squeeze Ilhoon on Peniel’s pretty normal-messed up bed.

“I’m good here.” Ilhoon finished his glass of milk and settled himself between Eunkwang and the wall.

“Yah Peniel, lower down the volume of that movie if you can’t use earphones.” Minhyuk knocked on his bed to warn Peniel.

“Sure, hyung.” Peniel answered but not really bothered to do it.

“What are you watching anyway?” Minhyuk then asked.

“Paranormal 3!” Sungjae exclaimed from the top bunk, causing Hyunsik and Changsub to shush him. “Sorry!”

“But you already saw that yesterday?” Eunkwang said, watching Ilhoon trying to get some sleep.

“It was part 2, hyung.” Sungjae answered.

“I see.” The leader said. “Still, lower the volume. The sounds creep me out.”

And as soon as the lights were dimmed and it was only Peniel’s laptop as the base of a nightlight, the other members were soon on dreamland.

But as for Ilhoon, it was another visit from the green-gooey monster.


“Peniel, you guys were too loud…again.”Minhyuk complained. They were all on their way to an interview and Ilhoon was the only one slacked mouth, dozing off.

“Sorry hyung, but it was really scary!” Sungjae then tattled excitedly.

Then a realization hit their leader. “How many nights have you been watching scary movies?” Eunkwang asked his dongsaengs.

“For a week now?” Peniel said, “We’re watching Walking Dead in between…”

Eunkwang was silent for a minute. “I got it.”


It’s almost a week that Ilhoon’s been having nightmares. As soon as the bad dream starts he won’t be able to get back to sleep and that also makes Eunkwang miss some more hours of rest since he needed to look out for Ilhoon.

But for tonight he’s positive they’d get some decent sleep.

“You two what are you watching tonight?” Eunkwang asked Peniel and Sungjae as they settled on Peniel’s bunk.

“The last two episode for Walking Dead, why?” Sungjae asked.

“Watch this first.” The leader handed them a Pororo video.

“Seriously, hyung?” Peniel was about to laugh but changed his mind, seeing Eunkwang’s eyes getting smaller. “Okay.” He then set up the CD and the Pororo theme song started playing.

Ilhoon was already sprawled on Eunkwang’s  bed, cuddling his knees up to his chest. And even in his sleep he looked tired, dark circles much morevisible without make-up.

“What are you up to?” Minhyuk asked, standing beside their leader, looking at Ilhoon as well.

“Wait.” Eunkwang simply answered. Peniel and Sungjae also looked at Ilhoon who was now starting to straighten his body. Hyunsik and Changsub oblivious to whatever’s happening since they’re already asleep.

The Pororo charaters started singing again and Eunkwang instructed Peniel to turn the volume of his laptop louder.

They were surprised when Ilhoon responded, his worried-look started to disappear and a small smile forming on his sleep. Cheeks puffing and lips continued twitching to a smile.

Eunkwang breathed, “Finally.” He and Minhyuk simultaneously looked at the culprits that caused them some sleepless nights. The other two apologizing loudly causing Changusb to curse them and Hyunsik throwing pillows.


Peniel and Sungjae had been apologizing non-stop till the next day while Ilhoon was back being bubbly and naggy.

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