Part 2

(Use your imagination please~5 year old Henry and Ilhoon here)/ (For my aegi friend Kat)

When Little Kat was attacked by the bug as big as her favorite jumbo eraser, she ran around their classroom trying to shake it off from her hair. But the most menacing insect she ever encountered in her life was just as hard headed as her, it won’t budge.

“Bug! Bug! Bug!” She cried, almost in the verge of tears.

Most of her classmates in the small kindergarten room ran away from her and only one had the courage to help her.

“Stop Moving!” A boy commanded and she immediately listened.

Kat covered her face with her hands as she sobbed; feeling the creepy insect digging its way to her scalp, but it was soon gone. Somebody then shook her lightly and she carefully peeked between her fingers.

Henry, the quiet one, was her savior. And he was holding the bug too close to her face.

“AHHH!” She screamed and took a step back picking up a random book, raising it up her head, ready to strike.

Henry then protected the bug between his hands, “It doesn’t bite.” He pouted, staring at her strangely.

“B-but…it’s SCARY!” She exclaimed, looking only at his close hands.

He let out a sigh, “Follow me.” Kat didn’t move. “I won’t let it go, I promise.” He smiled a little.

She nodded and gently dropped the book before following him out their classroom. The other kids were playing catch and they dodge their way to the mini-garden.

 Henry crouched down in front of a big-leafy plant and placed the bug on top of it. Kat kept her distance but slowly took steps forward and also crouched down when he gave him an assuring smile.

“We are bigger than the bug.” Henry shook the leaf a bit and the bug slid down, “See? Nothing to be scared of…”

Kat nodded and smile. They watched as the bug crawled aimlessly and disappeared before standing up, brushing the dirt from their clothes. She felt something in one of her pockets and pulled out a lollipop which she offered to Henry.

Henry took it and happily peeled the cover and ate it, smiling – losing his eyes behind his puffy cheeks. Now, there’s no more a quiet boy in their classroom and a cute friendship started…



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