They took a bow, waved goodbyes, and headed out. It’s been a long tiring day of performances and the manager already called it a day.

But his was just starting. No time to rest for he found his next victim.


She was there looking up from the crowd, cheering with the rest, calling out the band’s name crazily. She was holding a “PenJae” banner and was trying to be noticed by her biases.

But it was Changsub who saw her, from his peripheral view she caught his attention. Of course, Changsub ignored her, only taking glimpse to memorize her features and take her smell from the crowd. It wasn’t that hard. She’s plain looking but her scent was unique with a mix of fear and doubt. Changsub likes that.


He ignored the other members’ in the car, chalking for sleepy. He opened the window, not wanting to lose her scent ~he smiled; she’s not too far away.

And as soon as they got home and the lights were off, Peniel sending his last tweet for the fans, he got ready. It was effortless and swift, just like any other night he had been out their dorm. He needs no disguise, a cap and a hooded jacket would do.


He got in the house as if the walls were water, her scent getting stronger as he gets closer. His blood pumping up as he glides nearer.

 She was already asleep, snoring lightly with the buzz of the air-conditioner. He watched her closely first, the rise and fall of her chest, the slight tweaks of her eyes. He looked around her room, his eyes scanning quickly. A fangirl no doubt, banners and light sticks from earlier were scattered on her study table while her books were everywhere on the floor. He then took a step, kneeled on one knee to pick up a fancy notebook. A diary.

He flipped the pages, looking for something that will make him less guilty, probably. He read it, an entry of desperation and cries for help.  The last one was about today, was all about PenJae and…him? An interesting journal entry about him being confusing.

He snickered.

He brought the diary with him and stood on the side of her bed. She was mumbling incoherent words, eyebrows meeting in between but was still in deep sleep. He crouched a little, face an inch away from her.

“Lemme take away your pain.” He whispered before placing a thumb on her chin and taking her lips on his.


Changsub had a good sleep, full and energized. A week without feeding was like a lifetime of fasting. He didn’t dwell much about what he did again. He needed it as much as he wanted it. And it’s for the greater good if he wanted to think about it that way.

“Yah, hyung. You had a good sleep?” Sungjae passed him a cup of coffee. “You look like you just had a good time~ if you know what I mean.” There was deep laugh after that.

“You kid!” Changsub had him on a head lock, “I’m just feeling so alive right now.”

“Good for you then.” Sungjae smiled, “Unlike that girl on the news who died last night. She was embracing her diary and it was like her soul was just sucked out of her, no signs of suicide but her entries said it all.”

“Oh, sad.” He took a sip of his coffee.

Sungjae pouted, “It’s just creepy she had PenJae signs all over her room, she could have been there last night.”

Changsub nodded solemnly but hid his smirk behind his cup of coffee.


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