(For Des, just had a moment of vice versa thought of your subway experience)

Eunkwang needed to hurry. He’s gone home to visit his parents and now he’s running late for an interview – what’s a group without the leader? Not that he’s full of himself but he needed to control his members, like the 3 maknaes who would be pretty hype and Minhyuk who’d also be too strict, and he’d definitely get a kick if he’s not there.

“Aish.” He sighed.

He took the subway train. It’s not the busy buzz anyway, and most times he’s still unrecognizable without his makeup. A cap and casual clothing will do for a not-so-obvious disguise.

He got in the train, the seats were all taken and a few were standing. He lowered his cap and checked on his mobile phone that had gone off too many times.

He didn’t pay much attention to anyone but a girl that kept on sighing bothered him. He looked up a bit, still trying to conceal his face and observed her.

A foreigner, definitely asian by her features. She was looking on a map and on the train signs, comparing it probably? She was chewing on her lower lip and kept on brushing her hair with her fingers. She then stepped forward towards an old smiling lady and asked about directions. Well, she was asking in English, so she was lightly ignored.

She sighed again and stepped back on the railing she was holding onto. Her facial expressions were now changing from concern, to frustration, to a hint of fear. It was definitely fear when the train stopped on a station. She didn’t step down but clutched the map more tightly.

A good thing he can understand English and can converse passably. It won’t hurt to help and if ever they can’t understand each other, he can ask someone who can speak English fluently then.

He cleared his throat, “Do you need help?”

Of course her initial reaction was to jump back, grip her bag, and be apprehensive. As for his initial response: offended, but it was all clearly natural. He tried to show a lip smile, still covering his eyes.

“Y-yeah.” She replied, maybe hearing a familiar language made her at ease. “I just need to know if I’m still on the right track to get off this train station and get to this location?” She showed the crumpled map and pointed on her destination. It was just around the Music Bank location so he was familiar with it.

“Ah yeah~” Eunkwang nodded, “Yes, this is the right train. I’m getting off on that station too.” And he pointed which streets to take to get to her end.

“Oh, wow.” She let out a relieved sigh and smiled. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” He also smiled, “The next stop is ours.” She nodded.

He felt good with that simplest act of kindness and extended it by leading her to the train map and showed her some easy exits and routes.

“Thank you. Kamsahamnida.” She bowed awkwardly but cutely.

He laughed a little and took a step back, waving once and turned to run up the exit stairs. He looked back when he got on top of the stairs and she was still there, smiling and checking on her phone. Eunkwang shrugged and hailed for a cab.


“Hyung!” Peniel called Eunkwang urgently. “Hyung, look!” Peniel was raising Ilhoon’s iPad and he can see a twitter page on it.

“Yeah?” Eunkwang was trying to figure how to get his bowtie in place. He’s in a mess trying to dress up quickly.

“Did you just take the train?” Peniel raised the iPad to his eye level. “Our account was mentioned and I luckily got to see this picture amidst the crazy tweets.”

Eunkwang was surprised to see his self on the picture, it was on the top of the stairs and he was looking down, almost directly to the one who took the picture. And the twitter pic also had a message: “Thank you for helping me out! Imma cheer on you later on your performance!”

Eunkwang gave a hearty laughed, leaving Peneil confused, but was damn blasted again because of his bowtie.

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