ME and my girls were staying at CBTL and pretty much had a good spot for the #SiHae event. Thanks to Jow and Mitzi. And Kat also joined us there~ sweet.I wasn't suppose to be there but mom's operation was moved, so yeah, I'm free...At the floor below were my other friends who found a good spot for some pic-stalk.

my legs crammped, and my back hurts. Wow, were we sweaty~ too many people. And yes, too many new fans really. They were angry how Jinri pronounced Donghae's name~ I just want to tell them: LOOK, IT'S THE RIGHT PRONUNCIATION! DONG-HE! Anyway...

Wow, just wow, the love for SiHae. They were not even my bias, but Super Junior is Super Junior. And spending time with my ELF friends, yes.

I won't go to more details but we really had a lot of fun. There maybe thousands of fancams in YT or somewhere, and pictures being tweeted and instagramed...

But here were some highlights for me: 

1) Donghae still the kid.
2)Donghae the not-so-obvious-flirt.
3)Siwon as ever the gentleman.
4)Siwon ~ it was a given, kissing the kid.
5)When Donghae fisted his hand when the first fangirl missed to shake his hand. It was her lost. Sad for her but she got a signed shirt.
6)Ofcourse, anticipating DOnghae taking a pic with fans as their BG.

lotsa more~

This was the second time I'm seeing them this year. First was in BKK. Hmmm...and 4 times in my life... :) I need more Hyukjae.

It was 30-minutes of heaven with them. Enough Said.
And here's a really nice BLOG/Write Up about SiHae: <CHECK IT OUT~ GOOD PICTURES TOO! loving chuvaness writings before and now
This man here, I'l always come back to him. At the end of the day, he's still the ONE.
Don't get me wrong, I love all my fandoms ~you can count them in one hand.

But him...he's the only one I mostly get an emotional ride. All I know is that I really respect him. TOO MUCH.

I'm not inlove with him romantically but YES, i'm in love with him in some other way.

He's my inspiration to go back to school, work hard, play harder. His passion for dancing, performing~ I hope I can see me in him in the near future.

I never really called Hyukjae as Eunhyuk. dunno why. I'll be bloggin more about him~ an open letter perhaps. He's still my number one namja. I'm so incoherent right now. been crying because of the vid above. NOT JEALOUSY. It's all about respect for BoA and Hyukjae. And admit it, they look good together.

Yesternight was really scary. The weather was literally howling and it was like cars were drag racing outside.

Good thing, I had this song on my phone. 

I was just worried for my friends who were alone and didn't have their parents with them. And to my younger sister and brother as well who were alone in our house. 

The weather's still bad now.
My favorite drink: Purple Potato Latte. 
The past two months had been crazy, my life turning a 360degree twist in a blink. I needed a time-out and a day from my weekends was all I got. It was a good thing my childhood friend asked me to accompany her at SM Mega for some errands, I automatically thought of Subspace, of course. I needed my comfort drink. We had a long walk from Mega but it was worth it.

I was thinking of running to SM North for Gongcha, but this was way better. And to be surrounded with something related to KPop was just a piece of heaven for me. 

So we got in and I bought our drink. She didn't know what to have, so there, I surprised her with the purple drink. She liked it. We didn't stay too long for we need to get back to our "job" of taking care of our sick family members.

I'd treat it as a quick get away from the emotional draining situation in my life right now. Good thing there's a place called Subspace.

I would really like to take the BtoB boys here. It's a nice, cozy, friendly place~ and I'm just wishful thinking.
Hope they would have some BtoB items? I'd definitely buy. 

Follow @TSubspace 
Always been a favorite. Included on my Immortal List. :)
Kudos to Tablo's cap that says it all. And I want one for myself.

I'm just so excited for their comeback. They were my first love when it comes to Korean music. Always been a lover of hiphop music. 

September. I'm literally crying as I think they're comeback is getting nearer.

 2 years without Epik High is just....

Though there was Tablo and we've been busy fighting for/with him ~ the GENIUS of these 3 combined is still the pure awesomeness. 

I am glad they're back and under YG now. YG respects personal space and music. The combo. Give it till Tablo's (EH as a group) contract ends with YG. will be back. Independent, Baby.

Epik High "Best of" Album was something the boys didn't know. HERE: 


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