Always been a favorite. Included on my Immortal List. :)
Kudos to Tablo's cap that says it all. And I want one for myself.

I'm just so excited for their comeback. They were my first love when it comes to Korean music. Always been a lover of hiphop music. 

September. I'm literally crying as I think they're comeback is getting nearer.

 2 years without Epik High is just....

Though there was Tablo and we've been busy fighting for/with him ~ the GENIUS of these 3 combined is still the pure awesomeness. 

I am glad they're back and under YG now. YG respects personal space and music. The combo. Give it till Tablo's (EH as a group) contract ends with YG. will be back. Independent, Baby.

Epik High "Best of" Album was something the boys didn't know. HERE: 


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