ME and my girls were staying at CBTL and pretty much had a good spot for the #SiHae event. Thanks to Jow and Mitzi. And Kat also joined us there~ sweet.I wasn't suppose to be there but mom's operation was moved, so yeah, I'm free...At the floor below were my other friends who found a good spot for some pic-stalk.

my legs crammped, and my back hurts. Wow, were we sweaty~ too many people. And yes, too many new fans really. They were angry how Jinri pronounced Donghae's name~ I just want to tell them: LOOK, IT'S THE RIGHT PRONUNCIATION! DONG-HE! Anyway...

Wow, just wow, the love for SiHae. They were not even my bias, but Super Junior is Super Junior. And spending time with my ELF friends, yes.

I won't go to more details but we really had a lot of fun. There maybe thousands of fancams in YT or somewhere, and pictures being tweeted and instagramed...

But here were some highlights for me: 

1) Donghae still the kid.
2)Donghae the not-so-obvious-flirt.
3)Siwon as ever the gentleman.
4)Siwon ~ it was a given, kissing the kid.
5)When Donghae fisted his hand when the first fangirl missed to shake his hand. It was her lost. Sad for her but she got a signed shirt.
6)Ofcourse, anticipating DOnghae taking a pic with fans as their BG.

lotsa more~

This was the second time I'm seeing them this year. First was in BKK. Hmmm...and 4 times in my life... :) I need more Hyukjae.

It was 30-minutes of heaven with them. Enough Said.
And here's a really nice BLOG/Write Up about SiHae: <CHECK IT OUT~ GOOD PICTURES TOO! loving chuvaness writings before and now

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