Who is your bias?

Automatic answer: My three rappers with a BUT!

That's the start of quite a lot of explaining..you see, I'm a sucker for rappers but also a sucker for manly-looks and underdogs (in a goodway). Not telling who's who in BtoB but all of them falls under what I like.

Let's do it this way, I guess...categorize? 

I will always have my 우리 Rappers: Minhyuk, Ilhoon, and Peniel. These three just got me with Gangsta Luv. 

우리 First Love: Minhyuk. He just got me stuck. His facial expressions changes within a mili-second. Damn, cutie to a hottie. Oh well, he's my first ever bias and love one in BtoB.

우리 Namja: THIS GOES TO HYUNSIK. Man, he's a 92 liner, which makes me not that old but still... He's just go this look, smile, eyes, and a total AURA that makes me (not drool nor fantasize) want to date him. Yes, safe way to put it. Seems like he's a fun-date, gentle-manlish. Don't you worry dear Hyunsik ~Noona's gonna treat you right. *And I always anticipate for his secret-smirk, that kills me to the bones. <Peniel falls here too!>

우리 Kids: Sungjae and Changsub, 당연히. Sungjae's a giant baby, someone I can't just see as a man yet. I just want to take care of him. *may gatas pa sa labi* While Changsub, he confuses me a lot so he falls under this first. <Ilhoon falls here too!>

우리 HD: Eunkwang. (hides from Des). I see him as a man with too many secrets to tell. Not mysterious, just reserved in a way. He reminds me of Hyukjae's personality in more ways than one. Will look forward for more surprises with this not so innocent guy.

I wont' do any ranking/categorizing when it comes to talent ~they are all talented in their own way. 

*This is just my personal list. Don't take it hard. The 'categorization' above may change anytime~ see, it's hard to take biases with them boys permanently, you gotta love 'em all.

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