Closely related to BtoB.

I’m just feeling mushy today, ‘cause of lacking sleep prolly. But every word in here is true.

I’m kinda in the lowest moment of my life. And I’m just lucky that Tablo made this song. It says what I want to say in my life and to the people I am thankful for. It just reminds me that there’s always something to look forward to.

For a time (way back early college), it was just me, myself, and music. I didn’t have the friends to share my kind of music genre. Too ‘alien’ for them, Korean/Asian songs, that is. And with some twist of faith, I met Arian, and from her I learned the life of a fangirl, how to be a good fangirl~ and the years that followed we met special fangirls and the world has never been the same again. Arian and I have the same biases sometimes but mostly not. She’s more into POP while I’m into HipHop. Our link to hip-hop I guess would be T.O.P (BigBang) and B2st, I guess. She just recently reminded me that I was the one who introduced B2st’s Bad Girl to her and I was just like: really?

Summing this random post: I’m missing Epik High and listened to Tablo’s “Thank You for Breathing” again and made me think how thankful I am for Arian
 linking me to Born to Beat. Haven’t felt this excitement for a while, to always anticipate for something new from an idol that makes me smile and just be happy. And WITH BtoB is going to be one awesome journey.

Happiness really comes from simple things.

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