AN:  This would be better expressed in my own language but there’s a tinge of hope that BToB will stumble in this blog and Peniel would have the kindest of the kindest heart to read and translate this for Changsub. One can hope. AND  for the record, I am a CHANGSUB bias and I love BToB, so please don’t twist my words when I praise Changsub so much. Again. I LOVE BToB.
Good question. Well… you know… Changsub is… 몰라.

He’s special. Literally, figuratively…your pick. He’s someone unexpected but I’m thankful for now.  You see, I’m into genius rappers, strong jaw lines, fierce eyes… and Changsub’s nowhere near that in one look. FIRST LOOK!

I should be into Minhyuk or any of the three rappers, I was at first though, didn’t really have one person to stan but Changsub started to grow on me. Awww. He got me here. Not on this picture really but when a friend said he has tattoo. One can be a bad boy.
DON'T GET DEFEATED FROM YOUR SELF. What we think his tatts says.
And of course his crazy antics, being a 4D, and whatever effin stuffs he does with his mouth. Yes, I'm fixated with his mouth. Thousands of  ******* thoughts I want to do with that.
Those lips. I’m fixated with it. His fault.
Let me eat my words. My  Changsub can definitely RAP. Freestyle. AND Sorry for ignoring you at first Changsub. :')
Nonsense freestyle Rap: MTV DIARY CUT
Anyway, on a serious note, Changsub is someone worthy of one’s time. I can spend hours getting to know more about him. BUT you cannot make me sign up on any café’s…it gives me headache.

Changsub’s really talented and I can feel how serious he is with his profession. He’s born to perform and it shows how fun and different he is on stage. Listening/watching to his pre-debut perfs was interesting, his voice was so much deeper before. I’m being for real when I say he’s really good and fascinating to watch but well, his looks. Not the typical “idol” type but Koreans work wonders. 

Some of Changsub Pre-debut perf list:
It's just that he radiates his passion with his every performance and I'm just sucked and stuck with him now. He can SING, RAP, DANCE and be crazy without really caring much about his look. 

Still, I can’t help but be worried. Maybe he still has those insecurity issues but him being 4D covers it up good. There were some vids I got to watch and I just want to warp beside him, pull him into a hug and whisper “You’re doing great.” ---that’s how emotional I am when it comes to people I adore.

There could be hundreds or thousands of reasons why I like Changsub. Maybe a bit of a cliche..but I don't care now.  Liking him is not just because of his tattoo, or his randomness, his freestyle raps which says his really smart, his 4Dness... I like him because he keeps me happy. I hate and love whatever he does at the same time. He's irritatingly adorable when he has his own world on their shows, he's confusingly sexy when he dance even though he ruins some with his pouts, and more... he's SPECIAL AND INTERESTING. I'll end here for now.

YA! 바보! 사랑해요!
What's with you that I'm constantly hooked up? What's with you that I always come back feeling guilty for liking someone else? What's with you that it'so hard to just share you even with friends? What's with you really?
LOL. Dont' take it seriously though. 

But I'm a serious supporter of you and BToB. Not just another fan and no way am I be a part of the bandwagon. Just live your dream and i'll be here supporting.

I would really wish to meet ya'll soon someday. I wish I could directly hand you the stuffs I'm working hard for. I wish to hug you once or even just shake your hand, but i'll go for the first one. 

I wish you health. happiness. success. love.

And I'll be forever a noona-fan, ready to protect ya'll boys.

fr: sHEOTAko
I have a lot in mind and it includes BToB. Here's my list for just the BToB stuffs and they're somewhere on the priority list:

A Birthday Essay for Changsub.
Penielism related stuffs.
Part-Time, Over Qualified remaining chapters.
Changsub's Kiss updates.
Think of Changsub < This one is a given though. LOL

I love this kind of life. But I don't have time~~~as much as I want to make time I'm sacrificing my sleep time and health. I'm no longer the young one who can keep up with no sleep. :( <<SAD FACT. But I'm trying my best. :) BToB's my source of fun and energy. ALL THE LOVE.
Why did you deactivated your account? :( It was fun looking at your timeline...hope you'd be back soon.
I'M JUST HERE BUSY WITH WRITING FANFICTIONS (BToB related OFCOURSE). Visit my AFF's easier to upload there.


...and I'm busy composing this: WHY I LIKE LEE CHANGSUB. :P

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