I honestly want to be selfish. And it’s really ironic.

See, I want the best for ya’ll. More shows, more gigs, more exposure, stardom to its highest level…but I don’t want more people following you, more fanclubs rising for you, more dramas in this fandom~ aish. Not yet, juseyo.

Maybe because I haven’t seen you in person, I haven’t talked to you yet. Or I haven’t given my best or I want to be noticed. Every fans’ sentiment really. So don’t hate me.


You boys are my happy pill and I would want to say goodbye for now, maybe, just for this month? I can’t stay away from you guys too long. But I need a rest ~ too many fandom tasks from other fanclubs (yes, I’m handling quite a few like Epik High PH) and honestly, you guy distract me (don’t take it negatively). Once I hear something about you, I just flip and be stuck on you. I don’t need that now. Responsibilities. I have to take you down from my priority list for now.


I’ll try my best to manage my time but yes, I have to make sacrifices but this does not judge me as a bad Melody. I got your back. You know.
..and yeah, ILHOON an effin chicken. made me laugh so much.

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