I associate the word Sexy to this man:
He's always the first that comes into my mind when i hear that word and it all started because of this practice vid:, trust me ~ see how he wave.

And then, this kid over here (inserts laugh):
I honestly see G-DRAGON all over him. It's a good thing really and I'm so not comparing. G-Dragon is his own while Ilhoon is also his own.

I hope you get me here, I see the over-confident SWAG (redundant ikr), the awareness that they are beautiful boys but staying humble and the beat of Ilhoon's rapping~ so reminds me of a young GD. His moves as well when he performs.

Anyway, I'm collating pics as evidence that Ilhoon can be the next GD (for me). I hope Ilhoon writes his own stuffs as well. GD started young, Ilhoon's young still.

Imma post those evidences (LOL) to prove to my FRIENDS who are against this thought that there is a 99% possibility that Ilhoon's gonna be a *** god as well. Peace out for now, I'm not feeling well with this colds and cough. 
Peniel's dad is really nice to the Melodies. He finds time replying to tweets even if it's just a simple 'HI' or even not related to his son. This was his second time replying to me.

It's just really cool seeing parents support their kids by being friendly to their fans as well.

There's only a few parents I know who do that: Tiger JK's dad, Yesung's parents, and Mr. Shin here.

Just sweet.

i might change the theme, layout and all of this blog site. thanks to changseob, the bias wrecker. ..

We wanted to eat at any Korean Restau for some days now but we can't find a perfect timing and of course, not much money. But we had Melona and Haebaragi from a near Mart here. Still we needed our Korean food!

So, before heading to Subspace we passed by a near Mart and I just wanted to get my haebaragi candies but we decided to cook ddeokbokki and was suppose to get freshly made rice cakes and the instant sauce but the 'ate' said there's already a packed ddeokbokki with sauce that we just need to cook. I forgot to take a picture but the process was just like cooking ramyeon. But sadly, we failed at first ~ the sauce was not enough. So under the rain, Au decided to buy more sauce and ingredients. We're a happy camper.

She didn't have any idea how to cook it but we succeeded. Don't judge the food based on it's presentation (but I agree it's weird, like dog food?), it was delish! We got the right bite of spiciness and sweetness. Daebak!

So, how was this related to BtoB? I was thinking about them while we were making this. I so wanted to cook for them and I'm so acting like a mom now. LOL I hope they'd eat more and take care of their health. I'd be really happy to take care of them for a day.

I'm full and sleepy now.

So our dear Born to Beat boys had a TWITTER Q&A under @Billboard_K (10KST). We were excited and yeah it was stressful thinking of questions and hoping to get an answer. 

Here's a few of our entry tweets:
But we didn't get any!!!
Still, it was fun to have them there. It was just funny how they replied. Didn't dwell on it much but yeah, I thought it was a Q&A session but Minhyukkie only answering I love you, "I LOVE YOU?" should be now a question? LOL and Hyunsik, Eunkwang ~really a part of the casanovas. HAHAHA. And hey, PenJae...enough said.

BUT ~ where was CHANGSUB?
My Friends were really sweet doing this too: 
But the Questions of the Night were still these:
Till the next tweeting party I guess. @OFFICIALBTOB
Next to Episode 5, this is now my fave episode to date. 

Peniel being a kid and so cute, a glimpse of Changsub's tatt, and freaking RAPPING CHANGSUB, SUNGJAE, and HYUNSIK. I can't wait for the Eng Subs. Been receiving tweets last night but I was on mobile just got to see it now.

That's why I like RAPPERS. Witty, sexy~ (insert appreciative words here).

But during Hyunsik's singing moment this freaking picture was bothering me. 
It was barely a second but I had a hard time catching it on screen cap. I thought my eyes were just playing with me but here's the proof, I'm no crazy.

Can't wait for the next episodes~
Yes, this. Noona' s Song by LYN. (I love her!!!)
Exactly fits what I feel for my BtoB now. My time stops when it comes to them. I know it's unhealthy but I can't help it. Imma get over this phase sometime but my dedication would not.

Anyway, Junsu is my DBSK/JYJ bias and as for BigBang it's TOP. This Noona's Song was really perfect when I was in the hype of loving both fandom. Sadly, I can't be Junsu's noona nor I can call him oppa. We have the same birthdate. :)

The first line of this song goes directly to PENIEL. Pure and Nice... but every line perfectly says what I feel for all.

I just hope to finish the song I've been writing for them soon. it's 75% done now. :)

I just saw this vid, and it's a tear jecker. boys.
I love Hyunsik's description about BtoB: My second life. I have the same thoughts dear. Ya'll now a part of me ~ the whole of my lifetime and beyond probably.

Keep fighting~ It's just the start, you got a long way to go...and we got you're back. 

I don't want to make this post longer because I'm full of emotions right now. 
I Love You BtoB.

You bias wrecker-random-boy-toy. Aish, Jinja!


This Noona loves you.

Insane ~ an understatement for me not loving this at first watch.

I was under the hype of being a VIP again when they released the song/MV. I did watch it once and my initial reaction was: too much BigBang and B2st on it. Ironically, I'm into Bigbang and B2st and the music genre, so what made me not want them at the start?

Two things: scared of another fandom addiction and Ilhoon/Changsub scared me on that vid.

It's hard to be a fangirl really ~ and another fangirl would truly understand why. Time, effort, money, passion, emotional rollercoaster~~~ all part of the ride. 

Then about Ilhoon and Changsub scaring me~ their facial expressions were just too hard for me on the vid. Then it turns out they're in-charge of the aegyo stuffs. DAMN, confusing.

But now, I;m just addicted to this song~ as in this is my wake up call, bathroom song, lullaby too. Insane, it is.

A bit heartbroken since Peniel's lines were short but understandable. And now that I took time listening to the song, they were showcased pretty good. Vocals and dancing skills, WOW. They're ready for the long run

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