My day was just extremely~~~ mind tiring. I’m still having a hard time sleeping, then almost afraid of eating with anything oily when those were the only food at home (almost collapsed from eating oatmeal only), then I’m into sending entry after entry for Channel [V]’s contest to see Epik High live in Bangkok, then gone out for my ‘diet’ grocery list – good thing I had dinner with a friend/it’s nice to see familiar faces -, then when I was on my way home I read some sad news for an international site I’m handling for my most fave group, then I have too many stuffs to do with an event for YG fanclubs, then some more for SJ, then….wow… I need to breathe.

Anyway, I was in tears while I was on the jeepney ride back home. I felt like losing family when I read that news. It’s quite sad---hopefully this can end well. If it can’t be fixed—I just hope we all part ways in good terms. We supported the same group after all. We knew that group long before people supported them, and even judged them badly at first. Anyway, I’m not making sense. I was just devastated. YUP.

Then it hit me --- I wonder how you boys cope up with this kind of situation? At that moment, I didn’t have someone to talk to, good thing I had this song recently added on my playlist. Mighty Mouth always makes me smile with their upbeat songs. Just wanted to share it to you.., hopefully not but just incase somebody feels the way I’m feeling right now-enjoy Mighty Mouth.

Love yah BTOB!

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