So first things, first… I’m a noona fan but just a few years older. I’m no stalker, in a brutal sense. I’m a fan, a supporter, a protector. And yes, I’m serious.

I’m more into Asian / Korean Hiphop. That says all about this blogsite.

I honestly wanted to stop liking “korean idols”, M.I.B. being the last group to follow. But, noooooo~ my dear friend Arian loved me so much and linked me to Minhyuk’s pre-debut songs. And damn, how I loved all of it. She knows what kind of music I listen to and we almost like the same members when it comes to hiphop. Did I influence you to too much hiphop too chingu?

I was able to see the MV of “Insane” when it was first released but I’m not telling here what I thought about it, not bad ~just…

Then it was only Minhyuk and his pre-debut music and songs, I just spent time knowing him~ then the other boys. With a beat, I can tell who’s who and who’s voice it belongs to.

So here, I’m too a Melody now, however cheesy it sounded I still like it.

***But! I more like did an intensive research about Sporty Dogs first. LOL. I like their songs and beats. Thanks to Arian, for she was able to link me to the ‘right’ direction which was an epic fail for me since I’ve been going to that site “always”.

Glad to have friends who love researching!

From here on I was born to beat with these boys.

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