I thought Changsub's done...but he's not. I'm writing this entry and he's still tweeting. Thanks to googletrans for hints and ideas but his selcas were more important for me. 

I haven't opened my @sheotako twitter account for sometime, then it's you welcoming back. Love You boy. Lately, I've been so tired and right now Im going to sleep taking your pictures in my dreams. LOLs and thank you for updating today. i was busy with my birthday boy hyukjae yesterday :)

You have a great day dearest.  Have fun and keep on inspiring. 
THANKS TO @keumbeum0816 for the translation of his tweets. I really appreciate all the Changsub bias people out there!
1st tweet: I have returned!
2nd tweet: everyone wake up! You need to go to school! *laser eyes
3rd tweet: I'm sending a picture so u can open ur eyes / / / 4th tweet: I lied
5th tweet: I lied about lying. my eyes look tired
6th tweet: Taiwan melodies! Did u sleep well? U will get to see us soon.

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