Finally, I found time to get this on the roll. I had this in mind for quite some time now and I knew I have to spend hours just to get this done, and I wanted it on one-sitting only. But sadly, it took me days to finish.

A short intro. People asking me to link them to some BtoB videos or songs, what would I recommend or what would be the best to get to know them. It should be as easy as 1, 2, 3 really ~ I could link them to all of their videos within the minute, spam their twitter accounts with links or spazz on their FB timelines with every video/song feels. But! But! But! That ain’t the right way. Even I would feel overwhelmed and decide not to bother checking them all out. And for someone not that familiar with Born to Beat and clicking on the wrong link (meaning not to their liking), it’ll definitely be a turn-off.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all different when it comes to music. Even in one idol group we have our own biases -for they are the ones that suites our tastes. Quick example: Beast – I personally, instantly like Doojoon and Junhyeung. Obvious answer, Rappers.

And so, this was how I got hook into BtoB (I know I’ve mentioned it a lot of times in my previous blogs): one of my closest friend linked me to Minhyuk’s pre-debut songs. The HEOTA ones, his Sporty Dog days. I can’t exactly remember which one but she linked me two to three SD* songs~ I guess she was confident I would love it all. She was right and good. I was spazzing after that and even DLed and included some on my eternal playlist (personal music playlist I never, ever erase). She knew I love rappers and breathes hip-hop music. I didn't even know Minhyuk (Heota for me that time) was a BtoB member and didn't really get a chance to get a good look on his face for I was on mobile phone when I listened to his songs. And, I wasn't even that familiar with BtoB (I’d read it as “bi-tob”).

I’ve seen my friends’ tweets to their account @OFFICIALBTOB and I remember watching their first vid when they debuted with Insane. I simply wasn’t a fan back then and I was actually trying to block all new artists since KPop is just, inconsistent? A lot of changes and new stuffs EVERYDAY. I’d rather stick to my old fandoms and have enough of their drama (not really a bad thing).

a proud MELODY, 7/2012


Important NOTE: This is my OWN list and OPINION. This is how I’m going to suggest Born To Beat/BToB to people who wanted to learn more about our dear boys.  This may be, or yeah, bias-oriented. You are most welcome to share this and I’d really appreciate if you don’t take it out as your own. AGAIN, we have our own ways of introducing them to our peers~ since you know your friends best.

If you're into RAPPERS!

Heota, Heota, Heota

Minhyuk's the first one I got to know. And it'll be cool to listen to his pre-debut days- basically his high school days with his friends. He was a member of Sporty Dogs, a trio composed of MC강, Heota, and Esota. He’s usually the main vocals but when this kid RAPS ~ you know he knows what he’s up to. He does freestyling and writes his own lyrics...but sometimes his cuteness clashes his rapper-look.
I’m into rappers that’s how I can be easily lure into a group, "lemme hear the rapper".

My faves: 
Song For You 
Kim Heosong:
여전히with Kyung & Zico (BLOCK B) 

Here are the other DL links:
Beautiful Love Song 
Friend’s Confession:
Only You (2PM)

You can check most of the SPORTY DOGS songs on this link: and I’m highly suggesting you subscribe and support the account holder of this soundcloud. I guess, this meant to be share? So, you can DL here but it’ll be nice to drop a hi or appreciation to him as well.

3 rappers

Minhyuk's actually a part of the RAPPER-LINE, together with Peniel and Ilhoon. He's not the main rapper though, Ilhoon got that part. Peniel's more on the RAP/SING/TALK in English part. Minhyuk's pretty much on the vocal/rap category since he's so good on both.
Click here for full launching show.
Sources:  xlxchossychiccxlx / btominhyuk btob / officialbtobph / joel park-soundcloud / OfficalBtoBChannel

Quick Links for the VOCAL-LINE
Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik, Sungjae (Pre-debut & Recent)

EUNKWANG : Cracks of a Broken Heart  / Babo / Love Virus (with Yoo SeongEun)
CHANGSUB : Performance at MMA / Be Alright (with Yoseob, G.Na, Gayoon) 
HYUNSIK : Performance at Uni / My Story (fancam LQ)
SUNGJAE : One (cut) / Strange

Disclaimer: I didn't upload the vids. Searched in YouTube.

If you're into technicalities.

Album : [Mini Album] Press Play
Song Artist : BTOB (비투비)
Release Date : 2012.09.12

01. Press Play (Feat. G.NA)
02. WOW
03. 사랑밖에 난 몰라
04. U & I
05. Stand Up
06. My Girl

My fave ALBUM out of the 2 released Mini-Albums. I recommend this one if one's tired Not that they have much but it indeed gave the 90's vibe I've always wanted. My genre, I guess. Shows my real age, right? 

Press Play (featuring G.NA!~ so nice! Gives me my Heota feels, and 사랑밖에 난 몰라 too, not the ordinary KPop song. 
WORTH THE MONEY. Though I got mine as a gift, 'cause I got the best friends in the world, knowing what I love before I get 'em!

MUSIC VIDEO. The WOW song is something to be proud of. They’ve never failed performing it live on their promotions and each performance was just something to look forward to. They’re having so much fan and got crazy tactics in the end. 
It's got the 90's catchy beat, really mood-uplifting.
Click here for Dance version MV.
source: Bubblefeetmusicch5 / OfficialBtoBChannel
AND! The WOW choreo was recognized by Mr. Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson’s choreographer). He loved the New Jack Swing that the boys did. Here was the tweet Convo with Peniel and some fans as well:
SONGS. I'm no song-expert, so I'll be listing them on how they affect my mood. 

KPop-py feel: Insane / Irresistable lips 
90s vibe/Fresh: WOW 사랑밖에 난 몰라
Feel good/Uplifters: Monday to Sunday / My Girl  (Girl-Swayer songs)
                                       Press Play 
source: OfficialBtoBChannel

If you're into facade / characters:
(listed as...idk too.)

Minhyuk’s an eye catcher. Self-proclaimed “face of the group” ~ can be certified. This kid got good packs: from his biceps to his abs. Though, height-wise ~ he’s the smallest. Kinda strict among his members, second eldest, and truly an umma who takes good care of them.

Hyunsik. His eyes, smile, and eye-smile are literally melting.  He’s a tease, really – days and months of observance will tell one why. Can play a number of instruments, freestyle rap. SEXY, if he should be described in one word. I guess, he knows he’s got the looks and can surely use it to his advantage. 

Enough Said.

Ilhoon, sexy baby. A sexy looking baby. This kid is a rapper who does “Kiyomi”-so cute., and just another confusing one. He gives the GD-vibe. Started as a soft-flabby-tofu but now a hot one. Changes hairstyle drastically, that he can only carry. He’s a bit on the naggy-side and uncomfortable with skinship. And his most prominent body part? The “pits”, soft as a baby’s own. *squishy squishy ilhoonie*

Sungjae, cutest giant maknae. First look, Seo In Guk. The youngest and the tallest. He’s got a unique laugh that can be easily recognized as his. His height is his advantage, since he’s always last in line for being the maknae. He’s different when on stage and being his usual. Emotions wash his face with his every line of a song but a typical sweet-cruel maknae when they’re fooling around. He's, idk, super hot on stage but super cute when not.

Peniel, the statue. Literally. From Chicago, baby. (…thinks…) Most would say he’s kinda boring- with his short answers and often bland ones. But he’s interesting when it’s the “PenJae” (Peniel-Sungjae) skinship. His voice is quite high for his physique. Food LOVER~ junkfood and sweets! And OH-EM-GEE for his candid-fan-shots, he’s damn almost perfect. The structure of his face and his low fave V-neck shirts are just to die for.  His innocent smile and warm eyes are prominent as well. **His family is most vocal when it comes to support. His father interacts with the fans through social media sites and shares young Peniel achievements as well.

Eunkwang, the “leader”, I’m quoting it since often times I feel like he’s not.  He does comedic acts, some an epic fail. Donald Duck and a monkey impersonator, laughable. But he’s the sweetest appa, ever. Not really a head turner? But he’s got his moments (a lot of it) when one would see his HOTness. Probably it’s his sharp eyes? Vampiric smile? Cheeky-bone? Soft-smirks? I’m not spazzing yet, right?

*please check Important Note at the start: bias-centered* 
Changsub, the bias-wrecker. Snow-white skin, scarred with a tattoo on his back – which he still not revealing what’s written on it. Got little red-friends on his face but he’s one confident man, drowsy eyes, cute round nose, pouty lips that does odd-pouts. I can’t get a word that would be a fit description of his voice, high pitched, maybe? Random , weird, crazy, bad boy~ he can be easily described in one word, really.  Cellphone-lover? plays the drum, freestyle rap. I guess, he’s also a charmer- he can sway the audience to follow him. 

If you're into variety shows first.

Getting to Know: 
SBS MTV DIARY: Channel List
Sik's Sense: Eng sub / Raw (List)

GURUPOP SHOW: Part 1 / Part 2
Weekly Idol: BToB 

Ilhoon's Kiyomi Cuts: Helium Cut / Weekly Idol (BTOB) / Weekly Idol (Miss A) / GURUPOP

NOTE: They've done MCing and DJing as well. Search for Mihyuk and Sungjae's THE SHOW, Eunkwang's STUDIO C, and Peniel/Sungjae Fun Fun Radio. They have other guesting ~ but i don't want to list it down to avoid overwhelming.

Disclaimer: I didn't upload the vids. Searched on YouTube. Please acknowledge the uploaders.

these are accounts/sites I follow

Twenty7 ( @_twenty7 ) -source of great pics and vids

@PenielShin (hiatus) / PENIELISM :  weebly / twitter 
Peniel's Famiy: Dad / Sis / Brother-in-Law

Eunkwang ( @witheunkwang ) / ( @sek_com )

 @WithLeeMinHyuk / 허타 베이비  (@901129_net)/ HUTASIDE (@hutaside_tw)

 Sungjae Int'l fanbase / SIXTAR ( @sixtar_6 )

*I'll be updating this part, I'm honestly looking for good sites for the other members. 
website / twitter

website / twitter

website twitter

Glitter Boy ( @glitter_boy_ ) 
source of great pics and vids

BTOB Int'l Fanpage

@verbena22  (Korean, English Subber)

@maomao_yingnuna / @urB2TYfulMELODY / @MartLeeTW

@BToVIXX (Always updated with BToB/VIXX)

Disclaimer: I am not officially affiliated with some of the links. I am just a fan, following sites with good updates and not just  RTing stuffs. 
Thank You for checkin' this out. Hopin' this page is a help. I'd love to update this page if you have something to share. Thanks again!

Disclaimer: General. I don't own the vids and pics. Googled everthing. Credits to those who owns the pictures/vids.
I'm trippin' and Ilhoon's the first project.  :) will do the rest later and will place them under treasure box i guess. :)
We wanted to eat at any Korean Restau for some days now but we can't find a perfect timing and of course, not much money. But we had Melona and Haebaragi from a near Mart here. Still we needed our Korean food!

So, before heading to Subspace we passed by a near Mart and I just wanted to get my haebaragi candies but we decided to cook ddeokbokki and was suppose to get freshly made rice cakes and the instant sauce but the 'ate' said there's already a packed ddeokbokki with sauce that we just need to cook. I forgot to take a picture but the process was just like cooking ramyeon. But sadly, we failed at first ~ the sauce was not enough. So under the rain, Au decided to buy more sauce and ingredients. We're a happy camper.

She didn't have any idea how to cook it but we succeeded. Don't judge the food based on it's presentation (but I agree it's weird, like dog food?), it was delish! We got the right bite of spiciness and sweetness. Daebak!

So, how was this related to BtoB? I was thinking about them while we were making this. I so wanted to cook for them and I'm so acting like a mom now. LOL I hope they'd eat more and take care of their health. I'd be really happy to take care of them for a day.

I'm full and sleepy now.

I have the words running in my mind for almost two weeks now. The chorus is done and most of the verses. But I'm still not satisfied, so, no way am I posting it soon. And I'm to ask help from my partner-in-crime Zan to sing the chorus part. Imma do a favor for the world by not singing. LOL. 

Only a few artists sparks my 'creativity' (or whatever this is). I can make something out-of-MY-ordinary just for them. I'll get excited for a while, finish it, then will spend a 'lifetime' being shy to post it. Just like what I did for Hyukjae (Super Junior). I made a song for his birthday last year- only took me three days  (lyrics, recording, making a short vid) - but posted it 3 months after. Baboish, I say. Check the video below for some Fan-Fun open-song-letter.

So now, BtoB did this to me again. Not blaming. This happy feeling of making something to thank them takes my stress away. Truly appreciate it. I need to work more on the right words, I want it close to perfect. Heads up though, it's going to be a funny-sweet song. 

*NO, I have no dreams of being a performer, just for the record.

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