Setting the mood right since I haven’t updated this page for…seems like forever. And I’m just excited to let my thoughts out about our boys.

I missed them. I’m missing them.

February’s just an awesome BTOB month and their comeback was just on the right timing. Personally, my February’s heavy (financially and work related shizz), so I’m thanking BToB for these new songs.

So, how is the Love Month also my BToB’s month? *It’s my POV*

THREE THINGS. I was able to finally see them perform live last February 2; the COMEBACK MINI ALBUM; and my bias’s Birthday. YUP, starting the year right with BToB.

I haven’t finished my fan account when they were here for the DKFC2 concert, and I think I won’t be able to finish it. Well, bits and pieces, I remember I called a friend, crying, when I finally saw them in the flesh while we were welcoming them at the airport. I got to fully see Ilhoon, Minhyuk and Changsub. I laughed when I remembered how much we want to pinch Ilhoon’s face—yes, its pinch-able. No special moments for me but it was more than enough. Two years of waiting was too long. Then I was just in frenzy during the concert night, they were first up to perform and I was all over the place, literally, running back and forth. I was with Des first, and when the VCR came up showing them I was screaming. I think I surprised the bouncer in front of me.

I was in a good distance, not too near, but not far. In a span of 30-minutes (or less), many things had happened. I was singing, taking them all in. Looking for Changsub but was too excited and checking them all out. I can’t help but stare at Minhyuk, he caught my attention at the airport, he was just too gorgeous and we can’t deny he has this certain charms that would just pull you in… it was his eyes. Yeah, his eyes. Though Sungjae was the one who attracted non-Melodies the most. Then, we also had a friend to whom we ask a favor of taking pictures of Peniel for the site, she didn’t know who was Peniel and again, me and Arian were all over the place, hugging, fangirling. It was really funny that she had to ask a stranger who Peniel was until we were at her side again.

I was just a happy and proud noona-fan. Seeing my boys for the first time with my Melody friends was just the cherry on top. And our other friends (non-melodies) were greeting and telling us how good they were ~ PROUD MAMAS. :P

I haven’t gotten over them yet but here comes the comeback album… and it’s a first for me being impatient. They released snippets and teasers…but I want the full songs already.

And what got us really excited was the album track lists. Team One Sound (still a fan on One Way), the boys a part of writing the lyrics, the division, the song titles…

We have expectations as well, like having more HEOTA than Minhyuk and Peniel having more lines. But we never doubt that it’s going to be another great album, though Press Play was a benchmark for me.

So, here comes the MV release and the tracks uploaded illegally. I LOVE IT.

I was supposed to be taking advantage of my off-the-phone time and get some sleep since we were just in a transition but also having an access in our office WI-FI made me choose to spazz quietly. Yep, I was restraining myself since I have my workmates sleeping around me. 

Well, the girls in the MV didn’t bother me. It was funny how people reacted to it, I understand their point but I don’t know, the girls in the background were…just a part of the background. Remember Minhyuk kissing a girl in Irresistible Lips? That’s some lip-lock action right there. While these girls, it was obvious they’re just gonna be partying around them. And cmon, BToB are boys~ it’s gross seeing men dancing behind them doing those sexy dances really (pun intended!). Anyway…

I don’t really see ‘new’ images but they all look FRESH. I love Changsub’s permed hair. Their vocal parts were really nice, specially the high notes, damn my Changsub’s notes. Minhyuk, that kid was H to the O. T. one. HEOTA baby in it. Sungjae, did really looked like InGook. And man, Eunkwang – tell me why you so becoming handsome?

The boys seemed like they had fun in the MV and I so wanted BTS. I know they’ve released it already but I can’t find time to watch yet.

AND SO, the ALBUM…can’t you make a full one yet?

I love all the songs but my top ones are HELLO and HELLO MELLO. Too much fun and energy in it. 

When I heard the first few notes of HELLO, I knew I’m in-love with it. I’d also love to hear the demo from Peter and Sky. It’s just too giddy and no kidding when I say it lifts my mood in an instant.

As per HELLO MELLO *singing the lines now* - my jaw hurts for smiling too much. Hello *hello* Hello *hello* Mello… I’m getting more and more used to Ilhoon’s style of rapping, the tone of his voice is just unique. I mean since TOP (BigBang), the deep voice had been a trend but there were just too much artist now. It seemed like they’re automatically the rappers for having low voices. Well, as for the THREE RAPPERS of BToB, they’re all different. Give it few more years, Ilhoon will be one of the top recognized rapper in K-Pop. He’s being led to that direction anyway. 

Minhyuk, Heota, Minhyuk – he’s comfortable in this field. He’s an MC, not just a rapper. Enough said.

PENIEL. DEAR PENIEL. You making noona giddy with those LINES. Yes, yanji-noona was right, it was CHEESY but sweet. And it was nice hearing you having more lines dear.

BTOB is just one of the few artist that can make me cry. And with that MELODY song, thank you for playing with my emotions again.

The whole album was just worth the wait and I hope the boys get more recognition. We can’t deny how talented the BTOB members are and how perfect they all seemed to be in group.

I’m just glad their back.

***Thinking of making a BTOB STARTER Part ii…I’m not sure if the first one helped some but I’m thinking of making this new one to help and coax my non-Melody friends to give BToB a shot in their playlist. I’m confident with my boys.

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