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i have my favorite MTV Diary episodes and Episode 33 adds on it. I was at the hospital last night, my duty to take care of mom, and luckily they turned on the Wi-Fi at the ward. And there were the tweets from my dear friend Yan, looking for someone to spazz over Minhyuk. So, though I was saving phone battery life, I have to see Minhyuk rapping. I mean, rapping other songs or freestyling.

I just died at the start of the episode. CHANGSUB on drums and they did a (not-so-rock?) cover of Monster (BigBang) and Look at Me (Taeyang).

Changsub's position playing the drums was somewhat perfect. I've got a drummer friend (won awards) who told me that it's all about the drummer's position. If only he wouldn't hide his face so much. Changsubbie--it's just allergies/acnes, okay?

Sungjae singing Taeyang's song was just. This kid's voice is just amazing. But he always ruin it with his kiddy-mischievous laugh. *I don't mind though* And ofcourse, dear Hyunsik lookin sexy with an electric guitar. *grins*


It doesn't stop there. Finally, Minhyuk rapping. And my heart skipped when a familiar music played ~ I was frustrated for the title of the song was on the tip of my tongue, oh, I know it's related to Epik High and Yankee but it keeps on reminding me a Hyukjae parody *secret smile*.

So, here was the first song (I just needed to look for it last night): 

I just have this 'thing' where I respect an artist more if they like Epik High (TigerJK, Yoonmirae..etc). I was just really waiting for Minhyuk to do some Epik High related songs.

So, yeah, I was grinning foolishly at the hospital ward last night. Thanks to Btob and Yan.

Here's the video: 
credits verbena0322  

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