Hyunsik on the piano and uri Changseob spitting some freestyle rappin' again. My heart went to Seoul and left me here alone, man, can't help my heart skipping fast for my love for them wonderful boys! Never ever can't get enough of them.

Cube's really lucky to have them and it's just perfect having them 7 on one group. All talented and beautiful.

Honestly, DBSK was the perfect group for me. Their chemistry was just there, no effort, no pretense. But the heartbreaking split-up happened.

I'm not comparing OUR BtoB here but next to DBSK they(BtoB) are the perfect band/group for me. Call them rookie but given more exposure and a hit song, the world would see how awesome they are.

Hyunsik plays guitar and piano (and im not sure if he can play more), can REALLY sing and dance. And he's one good looking, fair-skinned, healthy bod guy. And Changseob, forever the surprising bias-wrecker, one confusing talented white-boy. Or I just love the fact that he raps....

yeah, this entry should just revolve to Hyunsik and Changseob but I keep seeing them as a group. :)

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