DENIED. VISA was denied. It rang in me but then was able to let it go immediately. I don't feel any frustrations and shizz but "SAYANG" since I should be travelling with one of my bestfriends in KPop. Oh Well. Not yet the time, I guess. But I could have appreciated it more if they  gave a complete deet on why I was denied. Denied to enter the land of my boys. LOL. 

My purpose of entry: tour/watch a concert
Here was the reason why I was denied: You failed to prove strong economic and family ties to the home country.

Sorry, I wasn't rich enough or my kind of job ain't stable? LOL
It's sad not to see you (BTOB) for your First Anniversary. The past year was really nice. Knowing you boys, making me happy...sigh. Anyway, I would still want to see you this year. I don't know how or where but I'll try to make a way for you to come here in the Philippines. I'm serious about it.

Please be good to your Arian-noona (@urB2TYfulMelody). She's gonna be travelling alone and got gifts for you. Especially for Peniel! You lucky kid! And as for Changsub...I don't have the will to get you my gift for now. Next time, I will though. I really wanted to hand it personally. 


Arian was the one who brought me into your fandom, treat her nice or I'd rob a bank, go there and scold ya'll. :) 
Anyway, it's a bit sad but I'm just glad the tension of waiting for that VISA was over and done. I'll be more that prepared next time. OR JUST FREAKING COME HERE OR SOMEWHERE THAT DOESN'T REQUIRE VISAs AND TELL IT LIKE 4 MONTHS PRIOR SO I CAN GET DISCOUNTS. *Breathes*

I love ya'll. Happy First Year MY BToB.

And this song really ended my sad feelings. Changsub Saranghae!

Be Alright

I'll just freaking see you SOON! YOU BABO!YOU CHANGSUB! MY CHANGSUB!

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