I watched Jay Chou's movie, SECRET, yesternight and it was really, really nice. A tear-jerk-er, heart-cruncher, but really made me smile in the end. And after that, I just went gaga over Jay Chou...checking all his songs, concert videos and all. Man, he's talented, superb talent specially with his piano skills. He's gifted. 

I just wish someone would be brave enough to produce his world tour concert here in the Philippines.
>>>>>>>English Translation<<<<<<<
So, how does this relate to BToB or Changsub... I don't know. But everytime I listen to smile~~~Changsub automatically pops in my mind. Well, especially his picture by TWENTY7:
sighing over this. I'm just glad I was already upgraded to Level 8 on leechangsub.com.
Anyway, I just want to let out this frustrating feeling about the people who bashes KPop artists. It's an on-going "war" between a local artist band vs. SHINee at first, but they started to say bad things about KPop in general. It really makes me MAD but they do make me laugh with their stupidness. There were lotsa times when I wanted to post things  on Facebook or retaliate against their posts but I always take a deep breathe then press CTRL+A and Delete. It's not good to stoop down  on their level.
“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”― Mark Twain
We can never win with close minded, selfish people. I pity them truly. 

But I won't deny it really makes me angry and hurt. How they nonchalantly call my dear idols as "TALENTLESS"- just bad. And they happened to mention BToB in one of their careless rants. I just want to hunt them and feed them with all the vids and music BToB made. The past ONE YEAR of BToB was all but AMAZING. But then again, we don't have to prove them anything or waste our time with them. My spare time better be spent with my fanfics, missed videos and sleep. Yes, sleep is good but I lacked of it.

Anyway, I was just able to prove to myself that indeed everything I said in here is NOT AN EMPTY PROMISE FOR MY BToB. I was hurt when nonsense shizz were said about them, I was ready to attack. But ofcourse, again, those kids were not worth it. Just a pain in the arse, really. 

I just wished they'd stop. 

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