Insane ~ an understatement for me not loving this at first watch.

I was under the hype of being a VIP again when they released the song/MV. I did watch it once and my initial reaction was: too much BigBang and B2st on it. Ironically, I'm into Bigbang and B2st and the music genre, so what made me not want them at the start?

Two things: scared of another fandom addiction and Ilhoon/Changsub scared me on that vid.

It's hard to be a fangirl really ~ and another fangirl would truly understand why. Time, effort, money, passion, emotional rollercoaster~~~ all part of the ride. 

Then about Ilhoon and Changsub scaring me~ their facial expressions were just too hard for me on the vid. Then it turns out they're in-charge of the aegyo stuffs. DAMN, confusing.

But now, I;m just addicted to this song~ as in this is my wake up call, bathroom song, lullaby too. Insane, it is.

A bit heartbroken since Peniel's lines were short but understandable. And now that I took time listening to the song, they were showcased pretty good. Vocals and dancing skills, WOW. They're ready for the long run

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