This kid.
A rapper with a good singing voice. Can freestyle rap. Can dance. Can do aegyo... Full of confidence. Such a talented kid. He was the first member (BToB) I knew, thanks to @urB2TYfulMELODY. 

Press Play (Ft. G.NA) was always on loop on my music player. The whole song calms me down, the beat's so fine, and the mash of their voices (including G.Na) were so great. But when it comes to Minhyuk's part ~ I'm really listening to Heota.

I'm biased when it comes to great rappers. I'm glad Minhyuk likes TOP...and I'm not sure why he wants to meet him badly. I know they would meet soon. I bet he'd asked for TOP's signature... I wish they could do a collab....and Minhyuk gives me some Epik High feels I so miss. I wish I could hear more of his own composition, or more adlibs, on-the-spot rapping. WITS and LOOKS. WOW.

Supporting this kid for a a lifetime and a day! SUPPORTING THEM ALL, HWAITING BTOB!

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