Yes, this. Noona' s Song by LYN. (I love her!!!)
Exactly fits what I feel for my BtoB now. My time stops when it comes to them. I know it's unhealthy but I can't help it. Imma get over this phase sometime but my dedication would not.

Anyway, Junsu is my DBSK/JYJ bias and as for BigBang it's TOP. This Noona's Song was really perfect when I was in the hype of loving both fandom. Sadly, I can't be Junsu's noona nor I can call him oppa. We have the same birthdate. :)

The first line of this song goes directly to PENIEL. Pure and Nice... but every line perfectly says what I feel for all.

I just hope to finish the song I've been writing for them soon. it's 75% done now. :)

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