The one highlighted in the box is PENIEL doing a backflip. As in the giant-statue Peniel (But the guy on the far right, Eugene, is bigger!). 

@donleebaby (the one in the middle) posted this on his YouTube channel and tweeted "Sexy Time".

It was a surprise really! There's gonna be a short advertising at the start of the vid, just be patient and yes, you're on the right link.

I think this was DGD's (Don, Guhruk <eugene>, Dong-Geun <peniel>, end of the week/month performance? They were JYP trainees.

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing dear Peniel talk more...act a little and I don't see him as a giant-statue now. And when he did the backflip! OH WOW. I wish to see him doing powerful dance in the near future, because HE can!

I posted the vid on the 우리 RAPP3RS page, so just to be organized, you can still check it on Don's channel. AND! There are a few 'spoiler' notes at the bottom. Not to ruin it for you but I just don't want you to miss Peniel's daebak moments.

***and I might add another page on this site just for don, terry, brian, :) 3rd Degree. SOON.

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