Three nights and four days…

I woke up with severe stomach ache, passed out, and woke up again super dizzy and chilling and other stuffs. Luckily my brother was there and our neighbors were able to bring me to the hospital. Nothing wrong with all those blood tests and more tests but the doctors took into account that my body made involuntary things when I passed out, and since nobody saw it, we cannot verify I had seizures but it’s the only possibility.

I’m to be discharged later and will do cranial MRI and EEG as an outpatient. Right now, I’m thankful to God I’m alive.

My body had already screamed its tired but I willed my mind to do more. I did work overtimes (pre-shifts and post-shifts), still met up with friends and more. Mind over body works but our bodies could still betray us and shut down automatically.

My bad. But. I needed the money. Bad.

I need to pacify my family and treat myself to my expensive vice, KPop concerts.

It’s my only way to relieve stress.

I won’t promise I will stop doing overtime but I will lessen it.


Anyway, I haven’t celebrated dear Changsub’s birthday. I even moved the date with my friends to Sunday, so just I can get a bit of a rest but I’m spending time here at the hospital already.

At the least I had a cup of Happy Lemon on Feb. 26. But I was extremely looking forward to cheesecakes, Frostings’s cupcakes and Chef Noodle’s noodle…badly. I ended up porridge, banana, and apple every meal. I cheat though; the doctor didn’t really hold back my diet.

Be more crazy.

Stay healthy and remember to love what you’re doing because it’ll always reflect withal things you’re doing.

It’s Peniel’s birthday soon. Then BToB’s anniversary.

More reason to get well already.        


Thanks for the link Yan. I’m a BigBang fan and HaruHaru’s a fave song.

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