Wow~ lotsa thoughts and feels stuck and cobwebbed in me. I haven’t’ updated and spazzed much about BtoB…a bit guilty? Yeah.

My KPop fandoms were just crazy right now, and that put a mess to my emotions. I never thought I’ll be affected with that ‘Jewel’ this much. I mean, I literally sulked and was mad? I guess that’s a fangirl initial reaction for being heart broken. Then I had a good laugh and realization~ I admire him too much, I level it as respect for him. He’s one of the few artists I totally respect. And I’m hurt because I know he’s hurting right now.

I like how passionate he is with his craft and the love he got for his family is just something I envy.

I miss his gummy-smile. Anyway…

I’m starting to get into VIXX as well…I guess I’ll be a BtoVixx fan now?:) Nice kids~ interesting mix actually.

And as for BtoB~ if ever you’re bored and get to read this shizz ~ I’m really really really anxious! I’ve just booked the planned flight on March 2013 and I’m going to be doing a lot of overtime at work just to cover my show money for the visa (and expenses).  AND all of these planning were for ya’ll FIRST ANNIVERSARY! Oh my, I thought I’ll never support a group like this again. I thought I’m a graduate already~

FYI~ our itinerary mainly is this: EVERYDAY BTOB! (with VIXX in between and personal stuffs).

Oh well, I’m just ranting…and can’t wait to sit down and write stuffs about you guys again. Maybe Christmas fanfics…idk.

Love you *changsub* ALL!

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