It was Esort's birthday. *THROWS CONFETTI*

I woke up from a very deep slumber out of tiredness to see my timeline invaded by Esort's birthday hangover* tweets. I'm not sure why I get excited when I see Esort on my twitter timeline and MC강 on my Facebook timeline. Prolly, I just want to be updated with their lives? Hear or see news they are with  Minhyuk and one big happy Sporty Dogs Fam? IDK.  (*hangover's just a term) 

Here was the last of his tweets and it gave me some thump in my heart: 
I know I'm in a fangirl mode for them boys again. I can't help it. Thanks to them I'm into BToB now. Check my previous postS here: SPORTY DOGS

I'll be really looking forward to that last tweet Esort. I'll keep watch. 
Happy Birthday again~ 생축!
Finally, sportydogs in the house. 꽁, 쭌, 혁 간만이다
(c: MC강FB)

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