So here's what been happening...teasing/half naked selcas on their beds as "good night" treats for the Melodies. Uh-huh.

Honestly, I was expecting Hyunsik or Minhyuk to get it started. BUT no~ it's dear Peniel who got it rolling and Sungjae got the excitement hyped. Minhyuk won't disappoint the fans though. He seems so inviting on his pic, watcha think?

Anyway, it's a treat for all Melodies and I'm waiting to edit the picture below until all of them do a 'G-double-O-D Night SELCAS"...Expectations getting higher boys! Top the pic that was last tweeted! And I want an Ilhoon and Changsub pics FTW! Can Changsub do backless, so I can see his tatt already?
Here's our naked boys below though when they were in SG. They were all topless~ but it was all innocent for me since they're at the swimming pool...but whew, beds are different.

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