I'm messing up with my BLOG layout to match the Press Play theme~ and okay they finally released the teaser. That was unexpected, I was thinking it would be Sunday. But yeah, WE'RE HAPPY MELODIES.

WOW (audio teaser)

Here's a few of what me and my friends think. It does give the 90s feel and YES, I'm loving it. Been and still a fan of BSB and NSYNC and they gave us those vibes~ well, BSB and NSYNC are now what I call my genre classic anyway.

As per Des transcription: "wow good to be back again..good to be chased again.. good to bla bla bla haha " / the bla bla bla part would be: WE GOT THE SWAG.

Oh man, I can't help but smile and just be excited. I'm so not ready for my boys financially but they got my love and support. LOL

NOW, just waiting for the other TEASER this afternoon.

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