So, right after the WOW (Audio Teaser) were the TEASER PICTURES. Cube Entertainment knows how to tease, really. I can't even keep up with my timeline and the fanaccount timeline I was handling. There's one expression for the teaseriffic chaos earlier: WOW.

It was just a bit sad (tiny-eeny-bit) that Kat and Yan weren't around to spazz with us real time. Kat''s pretty busy cramming with her thesis and Yan's at work. But hey, we're still having fun ogling on our computer screen.

I wish they could have smiled here. But I guess, they're aiming for Bad Boys?


DISCLAIMER? I'm not a fashion blogger nor a fashion enthusiast (to be safe). I just love to appreciate colors, pretty stuffs, and everything nice. Highly opinionated. Comments and reactions, most certainly welcome.
First thing I remembered after clicking on the teaser pics was one of my favorite professor's advice: "SCHOOL IS FUN. Google it." And School was derived from a Greek word which means Leisure. And the BtoB teaser pics made me smile. See they're too colorful, pretty much because of their clothes, and the backdrop ~ I just love the classroom concept. As per Yan's definition: KONYO COLLEGE LOOK (Conyo College Look). I'd definitely will go back to school and finish my studies if they do exist. Sometimes, we just need an inspiration getting our butts to school. 

So, what's really the PRESS PLAY concept? Cube Ent. and BtoB can only answer that BUT we have our own conceptualization based on those clothes.
Here goes mine...inspired by @urB2TYfulMELODY ... starting with the maknaes.
Sungjae. The typical-rich-son-of-the-school-owner-kid.

I love how they styled his hair. This kid's got a really nice forehead, see? Now, we can really focus on his eyes and not just those kissable Angelina-Lips. But then again, looks can be deceiving, Sunjae already did that to me. I thought he's manlier (prolly height and built wise) but he's just like my baby brother. And that kiddie-laugh~I'm not sure if I can let that go yet.
He's someone nice to hang around at school and parties 'cause of his naughtiness.

Ilhoon. The playful-I-can-get-away-with-anything kid.

Hi there GD/JH. I can't see much baby fats here. :) I was pretty apprehensive with the lolli-up hairstyle before this. But now, he's like the baby boy in the class everyone would just love to be close with. A teacher's pet, most likely YES.

He's someone who can brighten up the class with just a pout or anything aegyo. I just wish his rap lines would be light and fun~something far from INSANE.

Peniel. The-quiet-but-not-a-loner-boy.

He's got the hippest/biggest change here, and it was just only his hair! What a haircut can do. I can't see any awkwardness or shyness here, thank God. He really lives up by the meaning of his name. 

I hope I can hear more of him in this album, maybe sing a bit? RED really suites him and finally, not too big clothes for him. My boy-next-door-Peniel.

Hyunsik. The viral-sunshine.

Why hello, sexy thing. I love your combat boots. He's someone you'd try to find in the school grounds to see his smile and start your day right. Mr. Congeniality, perhaps? I guess, Hyunsik knows he's a heartthrob, if he doesn't~i'd be willing to remind him everyday. His smile is just infectious. 

He's someone you'd bet your money to if ever he joins a school popularity contest. No Doubt.

Changsub. The Cassanova-babe.

Yes, it's my bias side talking here. The real Conyo-Uni-boy. The 'mind-your-own-business' mentality guy that breaks a lot of hearts but can still swoon a girl's heart with a wink. Oh my.

I'm not sure how they'd be sharing the vocals on this album, but I'm hoping to hear more of him. His voice is just so unique and enticing for me. In every sense.

Minhyuk. The arrogant-kingka.

Description taken from my friend Yan. He's mainly a smarty pants who doesn't need to study and finds school boring. But he's a nice kid that never disappoints and enjoys the attention he gets around him. Can't blame the good looks and wit.

And that permed hair, so nice to brush with our hands, right? I'm first on line...or second to Yan before she kills me. LOL. I'm excited for his rapping parts again.

Eunkwang. The Class President.

He's innocent eyes says it all: I'm nice but don't mess with me look. Changsub's a bias wrecker, while this guy's plainly a wrecker (in a good way). If this is indeed a school, he's most likely one of my closest friend. Smart and too good ~ I need to teach him how to say NO ~or Minhyuk can do that.

He's new haircut fits him well. And thank you for not having an outrageous colored hair. 

So, there was the WOW Academy. I'm just glad that they won't be prolonging the comeback. These kids makes me smile, makes me happy. I can't wait to here all the songs and get a physical copy of their EP. 

*Just for fun: It took me 2 hours to write this one, thanks to my "P" friends. I need to clear my mind first before I write stuffs here that could be NC-17. Really. It was a wow-spazz moment with them though. 

Thanks for visiting my blog and I'd appreciate to hear your thoughts about their comeback too. BtoB is for SHARING, anyway.


C: I'm still looking for the source! FYI, it's not my personal DL link!
9/6/2012 12:11:55 pm

WOW!! I just love how you described the boys! And yes I would definitely go back to school if these cutee boys will gonna be my classmates. ^_^

9/6/2012 09:38:08 pm

hey AYEN! thank you! I have a lot more to say but I need to restrain.LOL...yes, it'll be so cool to have them in school!


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