So, here was the convo yesterday afternoon. We've been waiting for Peniel's song cover and I'm just glad he did a Verbal Jint...and it's just right that he did it with Sungjae, knowing Verbal Jint's featuring were always the soulful ones (if not hiphop with artists).
I wasn't able to watch it yesterday and even early this morning (2AM), my internet connection was acting up. Anyway, as soon as I had it up~ checked a few notifications and messages, the video was on buffer...

and then...
It was heart clecnching, heart breaking, gut busting, mixed emotions reaction.

Hearing our dear Peniel rap, full length~ was just A to the yo-some. He rarely gets the chance to do so~ so it's a moment. Though, there were misses? But not that obvious! He reminds me of Nelly, doing the stop-note thing...there's someone he reminds me of so much also, but I can't still figure out who. And it's a good thing, 'cause he is his own..our PENTASTIC PENIEL. English to Korean to English. He sounds comfortable now. PROUD OF OUR PENIEL.


Sungjae. Not again. He got me on his first note. That kid's eyes were the highlight, the emotions were flawless. And his voice, was so clear and neat. So young and still have a long way to run.

Damn boys, you made me sad. Though the song is for positivity ~ if i'm your girl, I'd be more than lucky. But hey!I ain't dreaming of that~ I just so wanted to be your noona. FYI.

Won't say much now, I'm just savoring this awesome gift from you. Can't wait for the others. Minhyuk~ can you do Epik High? Leesang? Dynamic Duo? OH! A SUPREME TEAM COVER!


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