So our dear Born to Beat boys had a TWITTER Q&A under @Billboard_K (10KST). We were excited and yeah it was stressful thinking of questions and hoping to get an answer. 

Here's a few of our entry tweets:
But we didn't get any!!!
Still, it was fun to have them there. It was just funny how they replied. Didn't dwell on it much but yeah, I thought it was a Q&A session but Minhyukkie only answering I love you, "I LOVE YOU?" should be now a question? LOL and Hyunsik, Eunkwang ~really a part of the casanovas. HAHAHA. And hey, PenJae...enough said.

BUT ~ where was CHANGSUB?
My Friends were really sweet doing this too: 
But the Questions of the Night were still these:
Till the next tweeting party I guess. @OFFICIALBTOB

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