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I was out with my girlfriends yesterday aftie till around 9ish PM and it was purely about K-Pop.

Originally, it was only supposed to be me and Arian, we had some BtoB biz to take care of, but it turned into a party of four since Kat and Des were a few minutes away and we miss them. Wow, the day was all about food and hot talks about our K-Pop boys ~what is life?

We had a late lunch at Dulcinea, enjoyed buy 1 take 1 pasta and Ilhoon-aegi was mainly our topic, if my memory serves me right. Ilhoon, that baby. We moved then to Krispy Kreme for wi-fi access and of course some donuts and drinks. Shared some K-Pop vids, Kat introducing B1A4 (another talented group to which I refuse to hear/know first because I got so much fandom right now), Arian doing the same- Teen Top introduction (and I refuse!), and an important meeting relating to Super Junior (imma share this soon?). Then moved to Kenny Rogers for dinner.

See the pic above? We're joining Krispy Kreme's Hat Hat Hooray! ~Fangirls represent! Linking the site as soon as we figure out why the KK website not accepting our entry. LOL

So...it was really nice to catch up in the flesh. Although we always talk via twitter, it's still more fun to be spazzing like this. They are my ELF friends since...3 years ago? We shared the same sentiments, dramas, fun, thoughts, feels, etc. about SuJu and now, we're the same with BtoB. There's this certain excitement and glow when we talk about them, something I haven't felt for a while. I told Arian earlier that what BtoB makes me feel now was the same when Arian announced that SJ will be having a concert in the Philippines. And that was way back 2010. Just so surreal and real at the same time. 행복.

I'm lucky to have them girls ~ they're the most genuine fans I've ever met. Not just another fan but supporters. Ready to spend and support things that would be good for their fandoms/idols. I've learned things from them which makes this K-Pop buzz easier and fun.

I'm looking forward to more BtoB memories with them. We're so ready for BtoB and that's going to be for a very long time...

Right now, I'm at Arian's place, doin' something for Peniel and Minhyuk. :) Arian's such a noona-fan for Minhyuk. If only Minhyuk would know this girl's plans for gifts...hahaha.

*I don't hate B1A4 and Teen Top, just to clear this. I just want to slowly get to know this kids, having a lot of fandom is really hard, specially for our pockets.

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