We wanted to eat at any Korean Restau for some days now but we can't find a perfect timing and of course, not much money. But we had Melona and Haebaragi from a near Mart here. Still we needed our Korean food!

So, before heading to Subspace we passed by a near Mart and I just wanted to get my haebaragi candies but we decided to cook ddeokbokki and was suppose to get freshly made rice cakes and the instant sauce but the 'ate' said there's already a packed ddeokbokki with sauce that we just need to cook. I forgot to take a picture but the process was just like cooking ramyeon. But sadly, we failed at first ~ the sauce was not enough. So under the rain, Au decided to buy more sauce and ingredients. We're a happy camper.

She didn't have any idea how to cook it but we succeeded. Don't judge the food based on it's presentation (but I agree it's weird, like dog food?), it was delish! We got the right bite of spiciness and sweetness. Daebak!

So, how was this related to BtoB? I was thinking about them while we were making this. I so wanted to cook for them and I'm so acting like a mom now. LOL I hope they'd eat more and take care of their health. I'd be really happy to take care of them for a day.

I'm full and sleepy now.

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