I honestly don’t know what’s been happening with you guys for the past week or so. I was just told that it was about sasaeng fans and all? If there is more, I don’t know.  Sighs.

And as much as I want to know/search what’s really bothering you boys, I’d rather not. It’s not that I don’t care…it’s better this way. It’ll just bring me emotional stress without really knowing the real reason why. Rumors or not, I’m sorry but I just won’t bother. I’d rather not be the one to comment, so this would just hopefully stop soon. I’ll just spam you guys with love and stupid things to make you smile.

But yes, I'm worried. :)

I don’t know how much this “problem” is affecting you all but listen to your millions of fans: WE ARE HERE SUPPORTING YA’LL.

 Well, this kind of things are inevitable -  and it would really depend on you attitude on how you going to handle such. It goes for both artists and fans. I guess just get something to learn from it and be better.

Anyway, I just miss you all. We have something brewing up for you boys. I’m helping out kids to prepare something for you and I hope this goes well.
Sharing you a song I've been listening to for the past few days. I know it's got a mellow beat - I'm into calming my self anyways, health wise. i posted my thoughts and feels for this in FB : Just one of the few songs where I tend to get lost in the music. Just one of the few when I wish time would stop and music never ends. Sucked in a trance state for a few minutes - felt like an eternity of calmed bliss. ONLY EPIK HIGH can do this to me.
You take care of yourselves now. Be healthy. 

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