BEST ROOKIES for 2012~~

These kids are the best rookies for me and seeing BToB perform with BAP on one stage was just...awesome. I wish I know more about BAP, but i haven't heard anything bad about them.

The opening was a hook. Strong opening and the energy just lasted till the end (Why do I feel like I'm judging a dance battle...?LOL). And Ilhoon's, got respect for you there kid. BAP's old school dance music was also daebak, I mean growing up during the 90s and loving RunDMC's osund, wow. THis is truly a must watch.

THIS IS JUST A PHASE.  Just a phase. Just a phase.
disclaimer: I don't own the pictures!
..and this is a nice Christmas gift PENIEL! we will be waitin (impatiently!really!this is overdue!)!!! But you reppin the rappers is just good. finally, PENIEL RAPPING. on his own. in english. 
Just a wrap up to track back.

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