I dig rappers and I love this interview cut of Minhyuk.

[Trans] Epop Magazine BtoB Minhyuk Cut

Here are the few Q&A  I love the most: 

Q: We heard you have participated in album productions since the first BtoB mini album! 
MH: Yes I have~ I participated in and 's rap production. I recorded the guide to 's rap for Peniel, however when the producer heard it, he just used the guide in the album, I really regret not doing a better job when recording the guide. 

Q: When did you begin learning to rap?
MH: I have been rapping since I was in high school~ after that I took up rapping as one of my hobby, and gradually learn more about rapping, and that was how it eventually became one of my strengths. 

Q: Everyone says that you are the 'visual' in the group!
MH: This would mean that my looks have been acknowledged by everyone~ haha! My aim would be for to think about me first whenever someone mentions about btob~  (I think, ILhoon aims for this too?)

Q: What would you like to practice more in the future?
MH: I hope to improve on my Korean skills. Although this may sound a little funny, but this is the reality. Before our first debut stage, I was learning English, and practicing for our hallyu stages, but I realized that I needed my Korean skills to be better, as it is crucial in expressing when writing lyrics and raps.  (Nationalism. Passion. Professionalism. I respect Minhyuk more because of this. He ain't my bias in the group but he's one of my fave rappers now. Leveling up towards my main one who's Tablo/EpikHigh.)

not much here. I just want to document this so I can trackback and remind me of his awesomeness. He's a smart kid and im really looking forward to what he'll do great in the future. as long as they stay humble, they'll be fine.

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