I write fanfics to practice/polish my writing skills and to have FUN. My byline says it all: PARDONMYGRAMMAR.

I appreciate YOU visiting this site, if you have a fanfic request please do COMMENT below. Follow this format please.

*Character/s: one member to all members, you can add yourself but describe a bit about you.
*Plot/Summary: Ideas for the story would do here
*Genre: comedy, drama

**I won't write SMUT or any romantic pairing for BtoB. They're my kids, if you get what I mean.
**One-Shots only please.But if I like the idea, I might pursue it. 
**Open for criticism but be kind to me please. 
 **Alternate Universe mostly.  
**Please share my blogsite. :)

I might ask you for more info so always check on this link! Thank you.
Not all request would be approved~I'll explain personally. And some might take time to be written. Thank you for understanding.
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