Dear BTOB,

How you been guys? I feel like I’m writing to a friend.

Anyway, I've been distracted for the past month because I was one of the  organizers for the YG Family Convention here in the Philippines. You see, I'm one of the admin staff for Epik Hgih Philippines and them being under YG, of course, we get to be a part of the said convention.

It was really fun though we had to make it in less than a month. 2 weeks to be exact if it’s gonna be the complete preparations. I got sick prior to that event, facing the computer for I was the pre-prod handler, mainly the communications for concessionaires and performers and contestants. I got less and less sleep because of that. I can't miss important emails...

And wow, the money that I have been keeping for a concert -  dished it out. I had to borrow from my own savings and my friends (thank God they're there).

...and the events day. Our role was everyone - we were the organizers, runners, produciton, and marshals even.

But you know what it was all worth it. JUST WORTH IT. AND I HAVE HIGH RESPECT TO THE YGFAMCON STAFF. J

One, finally knowing that the Epik High PH staff can handle the booth on their own, not that I don't trust them but getting to be the one handling the booth always was just (hard to let go?). We had fun at the booth though I only get to visit them when I try to rest from my tasks.

Two, getting to experience firsthand handling events. There were lots of cons- I'll say the time of preparations was limited and we were short of manpower and money but we were able to pull it off. Now, I know how it really feels, effin tiring, nerve-wracking and plain crazy but I HAD one of THE MOST FUN DAY of my LIFE.

Third, it was YG. I was a big BigBang fan to start with these kpop fandoms. I was a VIP and I'd still I still am.

Fourth, the feedbacks were all awesome. That's what we wanted and needed to hear. And we thank everyone wo made it posibble. From the organizers to those who were a part of the program and to all attendees. DAEBAK!

So what's my point aside from telling you this?


I have MAD respect for YG but I would love to have a CUBE DAY too!

Something to show you, beast, 4minute and PAPA HONG that PHILIPPINES EXISTS! LOL.

I want to see cover groups for BToB and Beast. I need my CUBE feels. I'm jsut praying this will push through. And everyone would work and will see the FUTURE EFFECTS for this as well. If they can ALL also be as excited and hard workers like the YG Family convention staffs. :)

I'm thinking positive for this. SIGH. PRAY WITH US BTOB. LOL

Anyway, I love you boys and I miss you. Keep Healthy and SAFE! OKAY?!

That’s it for an update. Don’t hurry with the comeback. Let me breathe first.


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