So, well, okay...I admit it~ he's not the best looking guy out there... he's got this awkward selca/non-selca smile...weird face features, baboish embarass-me attitude and all those shizz...


He got me hooked...and hypnotized on these MTV Diary episodes: 
Episode 25 Episode 26

I don't know what's with him~ Des can't even explain what she liked about him... I mean considering Des's kpop biases, he's just way too different. 

Fast forward, while I was watching Episode 25, there was this magical moment when my heart literally skipped a bit for Eunkwang. (I'll let you find it...it's personal for me~or you can go look at my twitpics lol) It has something to do wth his eyes, too much mystery on it...

Anywya, he's indeed an HD. I make no sense, for I'm too sleepy but have to finish things here.

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