I have the words running in my mind for almost two weeks now. The chorus is done and most of the verses. But I'm still not satisfied, so, no way am I posting it soon. And I'm to ask help from my partner-in-crime Zan to sing the chorus part. Imma do a favor for the world by not singing. LOL. 

Only a few artists sparks my 'creativity' (or whatever this is). I can make something out-of-MY-ordinary just for them. I'll get excited for a while, finish it, then will spend a 'lifetime' being shy to post it. Just like what I did for Hyukjae (Super Junior). I made a song for his birthday last year- only took me three days  (lyrics, recording, making a short vid) - but posted it 3 months after. Baboish, I say. Check the video below for some Fan-Fun open-song-letter.

So now, BtoB did this to me again. Not blaming. This happy feeling of making something to thank them takes my stress away. Truly appreciate it. I need to work more on the right words, I want it close to perfect. Heads up though, it's going to be a funny-sweet song. 

*NO, I have no dreams of being a performer, just for the record.

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