It started with this...

i have my favorite MTV Diary episodes and Episode 33 adds on it. I was at the hospital last night, my duty to take care of mom, and luckily they turned on the Wi-Fi at the ward. And there were the tweets from my dear friend Yan, looking for someone to spazz over Minhyuk. So, though I was saving phone battery life, I have to see Minhyuk rapping. I mean, rapping other songs or freestyling.

I just died at the start of the episode. CHANGSUB on drums and they did a (not-so-rock?) cover of Monster (BigBang) and Look at Me (Taeyang).

Changsub's position playing the drums was somewhat perfect. I've got a drummer friend (won awards) who told me that it's all about the drummer's position. If only he wouldn't hide his face so much. Changsubbie--it's just allergies/acnes, okay?

Sungjae singing Taeyang's song was just. This kid's voice is just amazing. But he always ruin it with his kiddy-mischievous laugh. *I don't mind though* And ofcourse, dear Hyunsik lookin sexy with an electric guitar. *grins*


It doesn't stop there. Finally, Minhyuk rapping. And my heart skipped when a familiar music played ~ I was frustrated for the title of the song was on the tip of my tongue, oh, I know it's related to Epik High and Yankee but it keeps on reminding me a Hyukjae parody *secret smile*.

So, here was the first song (I just needed to look for it last night): 

I just have this 'thing' where I respect an artist more if they like Epik High (TigerJK, Yoonmirae..etc). I was just really waiting for Minhyuk to do some Epik High related songs.

So, yeah, I was grinning foolishly at the hospital ward last night. Thanks to Btob and Yan.

Here's the video: 
credits verbena0322  
I was a fan of Sporty Dogs before BtoB. Technically.

Yan made me listen to Minhyuk's pre-debut songs first and I believe most were Sporty I was (still am though they're long disbanded?) a fan of Sporty Dogs first before BtoB. 

And I'm following their individual careers now. Esota~ no longer in the music scene I guess. But Mc Kang (Joel Park) pursuing his own career, Youtube scene. And Heota, as we know, BtoB's Minhyuk.

I just love these kids. I just love to support them and I don't know how to send my love w/o being tagged as a stalker. LOL I troll but I don't scare. 
Hyunsik on the piano and uri Changseob spitting some freestyle rappin' again. My heart went to Seoul and left me here alone, man, can't help my heart skipping fast for my love for them wonderful boys! Never ever can't get enough of them.

Cube's really lucky to have them and it's just perfect having them 7 on one group. All talented and beautiful.

Honestly, DBSK was the perfect group for me. Their chemistry was just there, no effort, no pretense. But the heartbreaking split-up happened.

I'm not comparing OUR BtoB here but next to DBSK they(BtoB) are the perfect band/group for me. Call them rookie but given more exposure and a hit song, the world would see how awesome they are.

Hyunsik plays guitar and piano (and im not sure if he can play more), can REALLY sing and dance. And he's one good looking, fair-skinned, healthy bod guy. And Changseob, forever the surprising bias-wrecker, one confusing talented white-boy. Or I just love the fact that he raps....

yeah, this entry should just revolve to Hyunsik and Changseob but I keep seeing them as a group. :)

So this, with some new haircut image, though the only visible change was ilhoon's 
i just had myheart jumpin ~ and it was a crazy spazzing moment with my friends...we were just talking about the plans for Korea this March then Episode 29 for BtoB came out then starcall videos and these pictures. OMG BTOB. :) THANK YOU.
I'm currently in a low/desperate moment of my life. My Family's struggling financially and I just learned stuffs that really broke my heart, on that of that Imma be bearin' all the responsibilities financially...

Not complainin', the happenings were just too fast for me to cope up.

Anyway, I'm just happy to have BtoB's music, smiles and all in my life now. Just like how Epik High and Super Junior got in to my life: Perfect Timing. Those were the moments I just want to give up, run and hide.

And to my friends. My friends who are just there to make me smile even in the simplest act. They don't know how much it keeps me goin' on and look forward for tomorrow...

Hopin' for ,more strength. AJA!
I can't really find good fan fiction reads of BtoB. Hope they'd be more soon.

Yeah, just ranting..been on the computer for hours now...still no good find aigoo.

Here are my BtoB fics only:
Thanks to Kat for linking me this. LOL
So, well, okay...I admit it~ he's not the best looking guy out there... he's got this awkward selca/non-selca smile...weird face features, baboish embarass-me attitude and all those shizz...


He got me hooked...and hypnotized on these MTV Diary episodes: 
Episode 25 Episode 26

I don't know what's with him~ Des can't even explain what she liked about him... I mean considering Des's kpop biases, he's just way too different. 

Fast forward, while I was watching Episode 25, there was this magical moment when my heart literally skipped a bit for Eunkwang. (I'll let you find's personal for me~or you can go look at my twitpics lol) It has something to do wth his eyes, too much mystery on it...

Anywya, he's indeed an HD. I make no sense, for I'm too sleepy but have to finish things here.

Thanks to vvviolent for the uploads.

I really had fun watching his pre-debut videos.  It made me smile ~ especially right now that I'm experiencing some tough times in my life. 

I really love how Changseob was having fun in here. He was such a true performer, a crowd pleaser...not a bit awkward whatever he did. The last part where he was waiting for the drummer to end the song was just DAEBAK.

Click here for more videos:


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